PGDM in Banking Insurance & Financial Services Scope in India, Ft. GIM 

The craze for mutual funds and the crash markets has risen sharply. In India, the pandemic saw a massive increase in retail investors and the banking and financial sector. The NIFTY indexes are a testament to the above fact. The pandemic also cast a pall over the insurance industry, employing the vast majority of people and their families.

With a rise in demand in the BIFS sector, there has been a rise in demand for trained professionals with managerial skills to justify the demand & supply idea. Speaking about the given portfolio, the MBA in Banking, Insurance and Financial Services takes the spotlight.

PGDM in Banking, Insurance & Financial Services has occupied a key position among the most preferred MBA courses at top MBA colleges. Each year, the demand for banking, finance, and insurance management professionals grows.

The PGDM in Banking, Insurance & Financial Services program equips budding managers with the skills required for a successful career in the banking & finance sectors, mergers, acquisitions, and managing the assets of a banking or insurance company appropriately. Financial planning, controlling and managing financial resources are the major functional areas in which the industry needs MBA in Banking & Financial Services Professionals.

PGDM (BIFS) managers have job opportunities in Banking, Corporate Finance, Accounting & Taxation, Investment Management, Mergers & Acquisitions, Fund Management, International Finance, Insurance Management, Stock Portfolio Management, among other vital areas. Graduates with an MBA in Banking and Finance are offered key roles and profiles like Financial Analyst, Credit Risk Manager, Portfolio Manager, Treasury Manager, Derivatives Trader, Structuring, Assistant Vice President – Finance/Corporate Banking, Corporate Finance Manager, among others. If you have done PGDM (BIFS), the average salary offered following the role can sky-high between Rs. 10 to 20 lakhs per annum.

Goa Institute of Management offers a course for PGDM in Banking Insurance & Financial Services, which has received a great response from students and the placement companies. Their summer internship program saw a more than merry response, with everyone getting a summer internship with the average stipend of 1 lakh and the highest one reaching two lakhs for five months. There were several good relationships formed with companies like ICICI Bank, IDBI Bank, the Reserve Bank of India, PWC, etc. Being the inception batch of 2020-2022, a hundred per cent summer internship record is not a small feat. The 26-year-old institution heavily focuses on the overall development of the students, and the proficient faculty helps students to expand their values and skills for a better tomorrow.

The customized program confirms the correct path to developing skillsets for minds with the necessary aptitudes. The curriculum, industry exposure, and the real-world training to tackle challenges make our students a breed of specialists that the world requires today. The objective is to ensure flexibility in quickly adapting to the changing dynamics of the financial ecosystem. The students, too, have been thrilled with the college and the way things are taught. 

Some of the student testimonials are mentioned below:

As a part of the foundation batch of PGDM-BIFS, I’ve been part of an integrated learning process. We were taught about Fixed Income Securities, Financial Derivatives, Risk Management, which helped us in our 5-month internship period. We were taught a few programming languages required in statistics and data analytics. The faculty are knowledgeable and helpful throughout our time here. Overall, it has been a great experience, and I look forward to learning and exploring more opportunities in the coming year. -Ahay Khare

The PGDM-BIFS course completely adheres to industry needs. The inclusion of technical courses such as Python and financial modelling into the curriculum makes it more tech-oriented for today’s growing technology needs. The faculty is well qualified and supportive and ensures smooth delivery of the teaching-learning process. The college also has various clubs and societies, who conduct extracurricular activities regularly and provide students with a holistic learning experience. –Bhabya Jha

One can surely make out the kind of holistic development the course has to offer. GIM has proved to be one of the fastest-developed institutes by posting great numbers in the form of placements and stipends time and again. This, accompanied by an MBA in Banking, Insurance and Financial Services, proves to be an excellent option for your future studies.

To learn more about PGDM in Banking Insurance & Financial Services and other courses available at GIM, please visit: Goa Institute of Management (GIM) 2021-23 Admissions Helpdesk (Official)