Panel studying sexual harassment complaint at IIM Indore disbanded, no verdict as yet

Photo Credit: The Raggedy-man (flickr)

The Gender Sensitivity Committee which was looking into the sexual harassment case at the Indian Institute of Management Indore (IIM-I) has been dispersed. According to sources, the complainant, a professor in the Marketing department, was not happy with the members that constituted the committee. She felt the verdict by this committee could be biased. called up the authorities at IIM-I and even sent a mail to clarify the information, but no response came by.

In the article, we wrote last Saturday (February 23) on the same issue, we were told that the director Mr N Ravichandran would pronounce his verdict by Tuesday February 26) after the commiittee submitted its report. This did not happen and this was confirmed to us by the IIMI authorities on Tuesday itself.

Sources add that the complainant may either ask for a new panel to be constituted to study the case or take the matter to the police. The matter may even be taken up by the Board of Governors to take action, if a new committee is not set up soon enough.

The alleged incident which led to the sexual harassment complaint happened on the campus a few weeks ago and the first step taken by both, the IIM-I authorities and the complainant was to solve the matter within the campus and not resort to police help.

The complaint has also gone to the chairman of the institute KV Kamath in the hope of a speedy redress.

Sources further add that IIM-I authorities are trying their best to solve this case as soon as possible and are doing everything in their capacity to ensure that justice is delivered in the right manner. This could also mean that the accused may stand to lose his job, if found guilty.