Notice Period

I will be joining MBA college soon so I have quit my job and now I am serving the notice period of two months like many of us. Notice period is one of the best time one can have in the job. Most of the time it is result of your hard work leading to a better future. Let us see how different people look at you in your notice period.

Manager: I believe there will be so many thought that must be running in his mind. Who is going to take your place and whom to assign your projects and who will maintain them. How to ensure that others are not affected by your decisions because many times if one person leaves, it gives a kick to every one and people start thinking of alternatives. One thing that would have benefited him is your share of increment will be divided among your colleagues , so indirectly they should thank you .

Team Lead: Now he will be the most worried person in whole team, because he is the one who knows about your project and everything you were looking on will come on to his shoulder till an alternative comes. His life is going to be hell for at least next one month, more work load, busy schedule no work life balance.

Colleagues: Many colleagues would envy you because they also want to switch the job, or want to go for further studies. So they will pose so many questions how did you prepare , where did you take coaching, when your classes are starting and how are the placements in your college the most important one when are you giving us treat.

Colleagues who were your college friends: You start telling them about your new college and people who are going to join you,generally by sharing facebook profile (You know what I mean here :P). These people would be filled with contrasting emotions, on one hand they will be happy for you on the other they might be a bit sad about you leaving them and they are going to miss you a lot. They will miss the tea break after every half an hour, lunch time then table tennis matches and bakar you used to do with them. People from other team: You become a hot topic of gossip for these people , they start talking about you , everyone start asking where are you going. Sometimes they will say I don’t even believe he is going there ,I never thought he can do that.

The HRs: You must be running after them for getting your documents complete, work experience letter, giving them feedback for every thing, from food to transport , from office timings to fun activities. I think you are never going to give feed back about your work and how to improve it , may be I am wrong here

You: Free from every tension, coming to office at your own will , talking politely to who ever meets you, trying to get rid of all your pending work as soon as possible. Now you don’t have to worry about the deadlines, performance,reviews, appraisals and ever increasing tasks. Most importantly people start taking you lightly and the atmosphere becomes a little loose.And finally you must be waiting for the last date in office.