Just a Week In Bombay

It’s just been a week since I arrived here, in Bombay and I got to see and learn so much. I am completely blown by the amazing spirit that mumbites flaunt with grace every other day. I have always loved the city after my father use to tell tales about his stint at the fabulous and energetic city of dreams and how exquisitely dynamic, completely forlorn and upright approach each individual out here exhibit is in every way of living.

Often referred to as the city that never sleeps, Bombay (I love calling it ‘Bombay’) is a paradise for people who believe in enjoying every moment of life. Whether you are in the bus (sweating your way through home) or strolling on the lovely beaches, one or the other instance you would encounter something spectacularly unique. The city has an essence of beauty, liveliness which is mystic in my opinion.

I landed here on the 8th of April and had to take a local first hand so as to get rid of the road which was blocked due to some construction work. Experienced the most trusted and talked about possession of Bombay- The Local Train, ladies going off for their duty hours @ 6 am, some dicing vegetable so that they could cook the same for dinner after returning back; women coming from Mulund ,taking fresh water fishes to be sold. I talked to some of them and their wasn’t a single lady which did not smiled at me out of compassion. Just Loved the humbleness with which they carry on with life, always smiling, utilizing every nook of their precious time and leaning their way to exhaustive hours all with a peculiar sense of optimism.

Next I went to the Army Club @ Juhu on the 12th of April with my Aunt (‘Bua’) as her husband was an Army officer. With an air of freshness I sat by the Juhu Beach savoring myself in the Fried Fish which was being ordered. I couldn’t imagine how time flew by in that occult moments, surrounded by handsome Man of valor, exquisite cuisine and pleasant atmosphere around…What else does one need ??

Around 10:30 at night we went to the beach for a stroll, since it was a weekend, it was dirty like hell. But it was gorgeous like ever in the low tide which had Fish smell in it, since the fishes come on the bay during the low tides. It was breathtakingly gorgeous , after about 15 minutes the tide was a high one which almost drenched me completely… We came home, all sand-covered, running for a bath… ? A lovely evening ended on a blissful note.