Interview date: 9th feb   Score: 210   Programme Interviewed For: MBA core

Panel: Old man 1 (M1), lady (L), old man 2(M2). 

I entered the room, the lady smiled and the panel asked me to sit.

L and M2 started together, asking me why my name isn’t spelled as Malvika, as in why is it ca?  

I told them why

L: For how long has it been like this?

I told them

L: Has it been useful?

I said I can’t really say

Meanwhile, M1 was constantly talking about Kalidas and Malvika.  Tried my best to pay attention to both. ?

L : Favourite subjects?

Me: HRM and Marketing, I like Organisational Behaviour as well

L : Name a very well known marketing guru

Me : Philip Kotler

L : Tell us the Ps of marketing


L: What is the fifth P as per Philip Kotler?

Told her I didn’t know

L: What is HRM and some departments


M1: Why do most of the people like OB?

Told him how it’s about psychology and getting to know others and stuff

M2: Why do we say “we” in an organisation, instead of “I”? Give us three reasons.

Started with focus on organisation, got constantly interrupted. Talked about not promoting your own motives. M1 argued how the organisation’s good will lead to our own good, so it’s selfish anyway. Tried arguing that it’s not necessary, there have been cases where there has been some greater good but no personal benefit. He argued some more.  Asked me if I have been placed, I said I haven’t
He said it’s okay. L asked M2 to ask

M2: Why didn’t you go for CA, CFA or ICWA, everyone else goes for it.

I said that’s precisely why I didn’t want to do it.

M2: So you want to be different?
I said no, I just didn’t want to do it and the more people talked about it, the stronger my decision was.

M2 asked why not?

I didn’t have an interest in it, so I wouldn’t have been able to do justice with it.

He started talking about how my academics have been great and I could have easily pulled it off
I explained him that’s not how it works (didn’t say this obviously)

M2: So Malvica, with ca and not ka, what would you bring to the class? Why should we select you over others?

I said because I’m different, you said that yourself. They got annoyed I guess and asked for some other reason. Tried giving a sane reason.

M1 started talking in between again saying maybe the capital factor
I couldn’t understand and thought he was referring to the human capital, with me being a girl and all. And he clarified that he meant the country’s capital (I’m from Delhi)
And I said I don’t really think so, Mumbai is the business capital anyway. And that was it. While I was leaving, M1 asked me if I’m going back that day, I said no Sir tomorrow. So he said okay, enjoy.

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