NIIT University MBA program

Creating Corporate leaders of Tomorrow

Set up in 2009, NIIT University (NU) was established with the vision of being the leading centre of innovation and learning in emerging areas of the Knowledge Society. The University, equipped with state-of-the-art technology-enabled teaching methodology and backed by a strong research-focused curriculum, is dedicated towards building great careers and ensuring exceptional job opportunities to all its students.

NU is based on four core principles of providing Industry linked, technology based, Research driven, and Seamless education.

NU draws from the legacy of NIIT which has been the leading education provider for 30 years and all the knowledge and experience is put to use in this not-for-profit university.

The two-year, fully residential MBA Program at NU is designed to create industry-linked, future-ready, better-connected and complete management graduates.

Through the innovative Mentorship Program, each MBA student is mentored by an eminent corporate leader and coached by an industry professional. Fifteen CEOs, from some of the most reputed companies in the country, mentor NU-MBA students through structured, personalised interactions.

The Future-Ready MBA

CEOs of the future need to be trained in the markets of the future, such as China and Africa. Designed with this objective, NUs four-week International Immersion Program provides supervised study of industry in an emerging economy, through 1 week of immersion in the on-going classes and activities of a reputed Business School, followed by a guided tour of local industry for the rest of the period.

The experience enables students to contrast education and industrial practices in another emerging economy in comparison to those in India, and enhances their global perspective, international exposure and overall self-confidence &personality.;

The MBA Batch of 2010 visited China during May 2011 which was an enriching experience for them, and also offered them a unique opportunity to meet Dr. Jai Shankar, the Indian Ambassador to China.

The Complete MBA

NU believes that an MBA program goes beyond just a robust curriculum and satisfactory placement. While 27 courses and 13 electives enable students to build management competencies that have already earned committed placements, these abilities are sharpened by an emphasis on personality development and professional life-skills, and anchored in perspectives like innovation, ethics and human values. Beyond that, a vibrant 247 campus with students of many disciplines and cultures leads to a unique cross-fertilisation of knowledge, and holistic, experiential learning.

The Industry-Linked MBA

First-day, first-hour productivity at the post-MBA job is one of NU MBAs goals. A set of special courses that deal with typical environments students will face at their first jobs, three real-world projects plus faculty-supervised Internship, and weekly interactive seminars with corporate professionals, are a few of the industry-linkages that have been woven into every part of the students experience.

The Better-Connected MBA

NU MBA students experience a boundary-less academic environment, through a 247 wi-fi campus with individual touchscreen netbooks, an online Learning Management System, and access to rich digital content. The innovative use of Synchronous Learning technology overcomes geographical constraints, and seamlessly connects NU students to the best academic institutes and professionals in the country.

NU MBA offers students several advantagesfrom selecting a few electives from among emerging technology areas to participation in cross-disciplinary projects, that make learning holistic and seamless. Another special feature of the NU-MBA programme is its emphasis on Management Perspectives that shape the attitudes of NUMBA students. Special courses deal with issues like Ethics, Human Values, Inclusive Growth, Environment and Innovation, and an individual Social Connect project that deals with a Management problem sourced from an NGO. Equally, there is an emphasis on Professional Life Skills, with a set of courses dealing with communication, personality, personal quality and individual productivity.

Final date for receiving application forms- May 31, 2012

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