NIBM’s First Year : Debit Doubts, Credit Awe

Just at the outset, you’d realize NIBM is not your run off the mill B-School. It has its own vibe to it. When you’re in NIBM, you know you are in it. In fact, when you’d rekindle your lost ties with your friends from other b-schools, you’ll realize how vastly different your experience is from them. And not at all for the worst! In fact, they’d be jealous. And there will be few reasons apart from the regular ones for their jealousy, and those few I can’t mention here. (If you catch my drift!)

In my first few days here, I was still expressing the rebelliousness I had within me from my grad days. Trying to make a point here, trying to usurp a rule there. But eventually, I found the balance that I sought. A balance between creativity, free-thinking et al, and discipline. I understood my relevance in this earthly place I occupy, and that wouldn’t have been possible, or at least not in the way I would have hoped for, if I had chosen a different school.

I met the most diverse group of friends I could have hoped for in NIBM. My classmates and their sheer degree of varying experience enthralled me beyond words. The amount of learning I had from “Chai pe Charchas” and those late-night discussions could perhaps compete to make ours a dual-degree! And I for one, wouldn’t trade the same for anything else!

The seniors here are the most supporting and enabling lot of individuals I ever met. They simply distorted any expectation I had of “You are on your own” type of mentality in a professional course. They willingly approached us and helped us out even when they had enough on their plate. And you can’t buy that with money. It stems out of the culture that has been in place since decades! They reflected what they received during their junior year. And I can only hope to do the same as new faces enter the gate come springtime!

The faculty here are obviously un-paralleled; simply the masters of their craft! You can have a look at the feat mentioned on each and every faculty’s profile and once that takes you by awe, sit on one of their classes and be ready to get your mind blown! The curriculum is always the most updated one and only the most relevant bits of subjects are taught. The industry-relevance is infused in every single module of each and every course! Simply because your to-be professors are consultants to the banking industry. Wrap your head around that!

The world of banking has always amazed me and despite scoring 94.4 Percentile in XAT, I was unflinching about the decision to be in NIBM. The rigor of the course, however, is beyond tough. It’ll claw your adult self out of you, and if that’s not what you wish to do during your post-grad days, maybe consider an alternative path. But if you do choose to come here, be assured it’d be the wisest decision of your life. And while decisions are weighed and merited upon in retrospect, you’d know you made the right one the moment you enter through the famously revered “Golden Gates of NIBM”!

Can’t wait to see you here!

Your to-be senior (If I manage to pass),
Dibakshya Chakraborty


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