NIBM Student Testimonial#1 – Shubhangi Prahladka , Batch 2017-19(B & FS)

As an undergraduate in commerce, one constantly hear how getting an MBA can help them advance faster and get better jobs. In my experience, this information is entirely true. Learning my MBA from the National Institute of Bank Management (NIBM), enriched my domain in finance and provided with various opportunities during my first year.

I got in the institute through CMAT, an MBA entrance exam.

NIBM is lush green institute located in Sylvan surroundings in a picturesque valley.

It has been a roller coaster ride for me in here. It gave me the best of opportunities, with readily available to content but slogged me for hours. The PGDM from NIBM was not only the honing of technical proficiencies or “hard skills” but also successful honing of soft skills that I would also need in the corporate world ahead. Professors here, are highly equipped with their domain knowledge and never hesitate to lend their hand. I’m grateful to the faculty for helping me throughout the MBA journey.

As I look forward to graduating in April 2019, and armed with plethora of skills, I’m excited to embrace exciting pathways. Getting into an altogether new environment with new opportunities seem very exciting. I’ll forever be grateful to NIBM for transforming my mindset from fixed to growing.


Shubhangi Prahladka

PGDM (B & FS) – Batch 17-19


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