Being a joint service academy, NDA or National Defence Academy is the common grounds for all three cadets, the Army, the Navy and the Air Force, before they are further posted in their respective fields and sent for further pre-commissioning training. It is situation at Khadakswasla, Pune, Maharashtra.

Held every year, for the year of 2019, the 137th course of parade was held on Saturday. It was a passing-out parade which concluded of 284 cadets who graduated from NDA and was held in the Khetrapal Parade Ground of the academy. Defence minister Rajnath Singh was as well present at the parade.

Categorization of the total number stood to be 188 army cadets, 37 Air Force Cadets, 20 Cadets from friendly foreign countries and 38 naval cadets. Cadets in the category of friendly foreign countries majorly belonged to the countries – Bhutan, Tajikistan, the Maldives, Vietnam, Mauritius, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and Myanmar.

Awards were distributed at the ceremony, and the highest of the award, the president’s gold medal was rewarded to Captain Majji Giridhar, which was provided for a great overall order of merit, the highest of merit.

The second award, president’s silver medal went out for the Battalion cadet captain Kushagra Mishra. Whereas the president’s bronze medal was given to battalion cadet captain N K Vishwakarma

The next order of award was given for the champion squadron, and the ‘Mike’ Squadron won over the prestigious chief of staff banner.

Our defence minister went on to give a speech, where he addressed the parents, whose child belonged to the passing out parade and most probably the NDA academy and conveyed his gratefulness for the decision they made, for sending their students to the academy, the armed forces.

He further went on to talk about the “grit and grime” at NDA which strengthens the cadets in order to face the challenges they would face in their military career.

Mr Singh also addressed to students by saying, India is a peaceful country and has been spreading word of peace, but it also knows the rightful ways and time of being aggressive, with the support and leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Mr Singh further said the glory of NDA is rising as it knows of the correct measures and ways in which it can sustain itself, all the while other institutions are failing to stand up to the cadets and the country.

He concluded the event by addressing the Armed forces and praising it for the strength and courage it shows, including how active it is  provide humanitarian assistance, while the country is at its low, being hit by natural calamities, conveying how remarkable it is for them to take such steps.

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