Myth’s about the IAS Preparation, How to overcome fear and get going

UPSC Civil Services

UPSC civil services examination has been considered as the toughest examination, challenges that a UPSC aspirant faces are enormous. The vast syllabus and the success rate of the aspirants has created a scary scenario for the newbies.

Confusion and fear often make the aspirants believe in the myths that have been floating around.

To overcome this fear, one must know the Nitti gritty of the field and the syllabus, but before that, you must be well aware and be able to distinguish between the facts and myths about the exam.

  • Years of preparation is required– UPSC though is a tough examination and it requires dedication, you definitely don’t need to start your preparation years ago. Any aspirant who studies with full determination can clear the examination after a year’s preparation. There are many success stories of aspirants who made it through after just a year or even less than a year’s preparation.
  • One must know everything– Even if you are a genius, you will find it tough to remember everything under the syllabus. It is okay if you are unable to cover a few concepts. Not every information mentioned in the news or marked as important by some coaching class has to be mugged by you. You must cover all the NCERT books, current affairs, and a few famous author books, the key to remember all of this is revision.
  • You need to have a brilliant background– One of the biggest myths about UPSC is that aspirants who have a brilliant academic curriculum background can only clear the exam. However, this is not true, average students who prepare with shear dedication can also clear the exam. UPSC preparation is a combination of smart and hard work.
  • Coaching Institute is a must! – In the digital world where there are many online tutorials, you need not join a full time coaching. One can refer to the online material and prepare a self-study plan. Enrolling in for coaching is not necessary. Do not get scared by the myths that have been floating around.
  • Working professionals cannot clear the exam– Another myth about the UPSC exam is that working professionals cannot clear the exam. Nevertheless, the history of UPSC toppers have proven otherwise. If you are dedicated and consistent and strategize your preparation you will surely pass with flying colours.
  • You will at least give 2-3 attempts– Aspirants have grown an attitude that to clear UPSC one requires 2-3 attempts. However, this is not true, many of the aspirants have cleared the examination in the very first attempt. One has to just keep their head straight and focus on their preparation. Read, revise and give a regular mock test, analyse your pitfalls and work on it. If you revise all of your study material and be confident in the examination hall you can clear UPSC preliminary exam in a go.
  • Attempt maximum questions– One who is well aware of the UPSC exam pattern must know that it has negative markings. So attempting all the questions will be foolish, instead, make a proper strategy and attempt only those questions, which you are completely sure of. Every aspirant can draw their strategy, however, we believe this one is good. Aspirants can first mark down 60% of the questions that they are completely sure of. This assures you 120+ marks, however, this will not be enough. The next 30% should be the ones if you are at least 50% sure. The remaining 10% should comprise of questions that you are not completely sure about.

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Final getaway!

UPSC is just another exam, the only daunting part of this examination is its lengthy syllabus. But if you are disciplined, determined and a smart student, you can make it through this journey easily.

It is very easy to get lost in the myths than to believe in yourself and keep going. Often aspirants give up in the middle of their preparation, because they are too scared of the failure. Do not let this happen to you, do not let other people’s failure or bad experiences hamper yours. You decide your own journey.  Make sure you overcome your fear and the existing challenges.

Thank you.