My First Body Mod

So, I had been pondering over getting a tattoo, for a loooong time.

And being out of shape and all, I couldn’t get something flashy. Also, I wanted something which held some meaning to me, so that I can justify it as ‘not-a-fad’ !

I happened to come across some websites and blogs about White Ink Tattoos. And I thought “Now that’s something you don’t see everyday!”

So, a little more research (Read: Net searches) and I decided to get Inked!

Now, I knew enough to tell that there is no way to predict how your white ink tattoo would turn out. There have been instances of the white ink being corrupted by the blue stencil ink, and the whole thing turned into a lavender scrawl!

So I spoke to a few artists, and made sure they are confident about doing it. I also made a Plan B – In case it doesn’t turn out well, I asked him if he could run it over in black.

So, I chose to get “Patience” written in the ‘Arabic Dancers’ Font

Patience; because I feel that’s all I need. The solution to all my problems, the answer to all my prayers. All I need to keep reminding myself. A little more ‘Patience’.

And White Ink tats are said to wear off if not re-touched. Then I can just use the pun “My patience wore off!” Hehehe *slaps knee*

So the following photographs chronicle my tattoo, from the ruthless drilling, to the subtle companion that it is today…

I don’t look too happy. You wouldn’t either, if they stuck you with a drilling machine that had a needle in it!

 This is after a shower. The skin is still swollen.

All slathered in ointment. I was given a Vitamin A&D; ointment by the Tattoo guy. Tried to get some more at a pharmacist’s, but they don’t stock them. So made do with Boroline and Vaseline . The swelling subsided by that evening.

I was told to keep the tattoo as moisturised as possible, and keep it away from water. I kept applying Vaseline on it, and A&D; cream whenever I was at home.

Now, Some people recommend not using Petroleum Jelly; they say it draws the color out of the tattoo. But my tattoo guy told me to use it liberally. And I had not other options, so that’s that.

When the Tattoo heals, It scabs. It goes from this

to this

Now, in this phase, it is important not to pick the scabs. Or else, you can ruin the tattoo with scars. Also, it itches like hell. But you need to resist the temptation!

Look! The scabs are coming off! *drumroll*

This phase takes a lot of time and demands…………Patience!

So finally, this is how it looks…

Sorry for the crappy photos. Crappy phone, so…

Will update this post as soon as I get hold of someone with a DSLR!


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