MBA:Mortifying Business Administration?

“MBA is for those who are greedy and want money at any cost” This sentence shook me up to the startling extend of giving my decision of management as a career a second thought. Breaking a lance with myriads of adversities since my childhood, I always dreamt of serving the nation to the best of my capabilities. But unlike many, I am not of the view that it is mandatory to be in the strata of politics or bureaucracy for the accomplishment of the aforementioned. Rather I aspire to work for the enhancement of the economic state of the state. But this degree, which I construed will add feather to my cap of hopes and aspirations, is it only meant to feather one’s own nest? When talked about ethics and morals in a mock GD, we were mocked at by mentioning that these things are nothing more than a cock and bull story in this corporate sphere. The upheaval in my thoughts at that very moment is indescribable. Is talking about principle and MBA together that unrealistic and idealistic? Is the dream of serving the nation by the dint of this prestigious degree nothing save a dream? Was I wrong in thinking that being in hands in gloves with an NGO is not the only way for the transmogrification of society? Do I need to forge and tread on some other path? Is the subject of Business ethics in B-schools inevitable,for the sake of curriculum, but inapposite? Or along with overhype in financial terms, this course has unfortunately also undergone some mortification in social relevance?