My experience with JEE Mains

“180 minutes hain tumhare paas!” 90 questions, 180 minutes, 2 minutes per question seems quite an ordinary task but in reality it’s not. JEE Mains is one of most eloquent way of summarising two years of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics in a small booklet. JEE Mains is the primary step to enter an IIT/NIT/IIIT. The paper consists of 90 multiple choice questions with single correct answers. The level of questions is as same as the NCERT level with some questions being a little tougher. The paper covers almost the full 2 years course with questions ranging from basic mechanics to advanced rotational mechanics. Cracking JEE Mains requires at least two years of dedicated as well as systematic preparation. Normally, the paper consists of about 25% of questions that are easy, 50% average and rest 25% difficult questions. Holding on to your nerves is very important during the exam.

Speed and accuracy are the
biggest factors to be taken care of. High speed with less accuracy is very
dangerous, it can ruin your result. Also one needs to approach every problem
differently with separate processes, don’t hurry and think twice before marking
an answer.
Filtering out problems during the exam is also very important as it helps to
save time. Filter out all easy and average problems and attempt them first so
that you can have enough time to tackle the tough ones. Also it is advisable to
attempt theoretical questions before going for numerical problems.
Tricky questions are part and parcel of JEE Mains. Examiners try to trap
students by playing around with questions and options. So read the questions
carefully to understand what is required and the options with great
concentration too.
All said and done, with hard work and systematic preparation, one is sure to
crack JEE Mains.