Laziness – You Win!!

I am a lazy person. Not the typical lazy guy who avoids hard work, but just fact any kind of work. But its just that I don’t give my hundred percent in all that I do(which is a case with a lot of people). And this habit of mine has kept me away from my dream of securing a good percentile in CAT.

I have always managed to get away with the minimum effort required in studies. I have taken many exams – boards, engineering entrance exams, GATE and job related exams (SBI – PO, IBPS – TO, LIC – AAO, SSC – CGL, UIIC – AO…..just look at me brag!!). But seriously, I have performed well in all of these. But the one that has always eluded me is the CAT.

I have taken CAT thrice. My respective scores – 87.xx, 89.xx and 93.xx have been the percentile scores in my successive attempts. Now don’t take out your pen to calculate the common difference in the terms and calculate the years I will take to get a 99+ percentile(you should be able to do it mentally by now). But seriously, this is all that I have got.

The first two attempts were for fun. But this time I was serious. Serious to a level that I joined the test series of TIME and even gave 3 tests in all. Can’t believe that I did so much hard work. But my result a mere 93.28.

Anyway, I have realised that CAT is not just a matter of chance and requires some serious hard work and dedication (though I still am a huge believer in the luck factor). So an advice to all of you serious CAT aspirants – study well, work hard and just keep your motivation juices filled up all the time. With all the hard work and sincerity you will be able to ‘bell the CAT’.

For now, I keep my precious sleeping hours to myself in exchange for the few percentiles that keep me away from becoming a fearsome CAT hunter (or bell tier, whatever you like).

All the best to everyone.May the odds be ever in your favour!!