MBA : What did I believe and What do I know now !

Ye MBA hai meri Jaan !

I had heard about the term “Rat race” in my adolescence. Quite amusing it was .Then suddenly one day it transformed into the CAT race. I unwittingly participated and have been running ever since then. It’s not like my life was like a bed of roses then and now it’s a house on fire. No I am not saying that. It is just that things would never be the same; I would never be the same. The race just doesn’t end with clearing an entrance exam and getting into a coveted Management class or as they say – the ‘B school ‘.In fact as commonly quoted – It’s just the beginning!

I will not talk about how I got here, how much I fought and wish that I had done better. I would also not talk about the hectic and overloaded or rather overhyped B school schedules, the awesome and at times sadistic faculties or the relentless management. I will not talk about specific people and instances because I certainly don’t want any controversies here .I cannot talk about the ROIs and placements and what I would be or what I cannot be after 5 years as I am not sure about it myself. I would certainly not talk about Finance, marketing, Operations and Systems and HR; not in the academic purview at least.

What I will talk about is what I believed before and what I know now .The logic and repercussions of that are not going to be discussed. I might amuse you or shock you at the same time, but then everyone has the “Right to have an opinion”.

And FYI I am not a cynic, I am just good at analysing things critically!

So here I begin…

I believed that I was lazy, laid back and can’t do anything on time but now I know it for sure!

I believed that Hedonism is the new religion but now I know that Sadism is not very far behind.

I believed that it’s comforting to say “Thank God it’s Friday “but now I know that there is not always a “Thank God “part.

I believed that relationships are made in Heaven but now I know that they are man-made, artificial and can change with subsequent terms or even assignments.

I believed that Finance was the toughest of subjects but now I know that ‘Marketing yourself ‘is the most challenging part.

I believed that Postgraduates are grown up people but now I know that no one ever grows up. We just learn to behave in public.

I believed that there is always a right and wrong in every decision you make and every step you take but now I know “that it almost always depends”.

I believed that Smoking, Rolling and boozing kills but now I know that they are actually motivation supplements.

I believed that I will have a secure future but now I know that we all have a thousand insecurities.

I believed that “Small minds discuss people average minds discuss events while great minds discuss ideas” but now I know that people are discussed by all minds alike.

I believed that you ought to have relevant skills to get into a B School but now I know that everybody has their own unique talents, Management not always one of them.

I believed that women, sex and sports are the most discussed topics amongst young men but now I know that placements and packages are way up on the top.

I believed that stupidity has no limits but now I know it for a fact.

I believed that exams are scary and challenging but now I know that they can be frivolous and fun.

I believed that first impressions are NOT the last impressions and now I know how correct I was.

I believed that money cannot buy everything but now I know that everything and everyone has a price.

I believed that Tintin and Garfield were a funny read but now I know that our resumes are the funniest!

I believed that it’s the place that matters but now I know that it’s always about the people.

I believed that love is an eternal emotion but now I know that Lust is the eternal one; Love is just a brilliant excuse.

I believed that there are always two versions of a story the real one and the false one but now I know that there are always three – My version, your version and the real version.

I believed that “Knowledge is power” but now I know that “Cut, edit and paste” are superpowers.

I believed that “Need is the mother of all inventions “but now I know that “Assumption is the mother of all fuck ups “.

I believed that “One who walks alone walks the farthest” but now I know that there is a reason that solitary confinement is considered a brutal punishment.

I believed that majority always rules but now I know that had I always agreed with the majority we both would have been grossly wrong.

I believed that B School friendships don’t last but now I know that nothing unites like common tragedies, those nights of blabber and distaste and love for the same people, and bonds such forged last forever.

I believed that it’s possible to keep everyone happy but now I know that even Sachin Tendulkar is criticised by many.

I believed that I wanted fame, money and power but now I know that all I ever wanted was love and peace.

I believed that I have achieved something and felt proud but now I know that I have miles to go before I sleep.

I believed that once over this life will be gone for the good but now I know that I will wish to come back here every time you please!


An optimist but realist management student!

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