I hate Arvind Kejriwal because !

I have always loved politics and adored politicians. After all Politics is the most omnipresent amongst all professions in the society. And politicians are the most consistent, hardworking and dedicated bunch of people this country has ever seen.

But this guy, this Kejriwal or whatever non-charismatic, stupid and common name he has is getting on my nerves now. He is loud, frank and has no political values; values which have been shaping our future since ages – nepotism, corruption and selfishness to name a few. I hate his guts and my primary but by no means exclusive list of reasons is as under:

He fought to implement RTI act in our country. But we always believed in the adage that “Ignorance is bliss”. He has challenged our faith and has hurts sentiments of many.

He cleared IIT and IRS thereafter. And then what he did? Huh.. Joined politics! What about the two coveted seats and jobs he wasted in a country facing job scarcity. He should be charged for deception and blasphemy.

He joined an ideological movement and ditched his compatriots in between to switch to politics where he can actually create a difference. Now this is treason. He should have stuck with his team, fast , get humiliated ,get kicked and in order to respect Mr Gandhi – Get kicked and humiliated again and again !

He removed Sheila Dixit from office. 15 years of service to people of Delhi and that’s how you reward her? Politics is a family owned business and a legacy which you didn’t have. You have no respect for the tradition and culture of this country.

He refused Z level security cover – Saved lakhs of Rs and unemployed few people (again!) .People like him should be penalised for depreciating the GDP of the country. Guys like him are the reason the economy of this country is lying in deep shit.

He tried to connect directly to the people and started “Janta Darbar”.Bro, you must be knowing that Mr Anil Kapoor has already done it in Nayak and only Bollywood has the “Right to copy” . Please don’t challenge the copyright laws sir.

He selected “Jhadoo” as his election symbol. Who do you think you are – A janitor or Harry potter? Get something cool man!!

He opened “AAP” applications for everyone. Where is the principle of Meritocracy in here? No reserved quotas, no gender bias, no Class X and XII marks and graduation discipline restrictions! Now I understand why you didn’t appear for CAT and dared to think beyond the IIMs.

As I am not a complaining and condescending person I would stop here and let your fate be decided by the well informed and unbiased voters of our country. You have already sinned by trying to bring a change in this country and you will repent it later. May god save your soul!!