MAT 2018: Detailed Guide


To register for the MAT 2018, one needs to follow simple steps in order to get through the administration process.

The fee to be paid for the registration is of Rs 1200 which needs to be paid in the form of a demand draft against the All India Management Association. After which, it needs to deposit directly to the bank you are transferring money from.

Submission of the form along with the fee is prudent and one needs to pay keen attention to how and what they are filling on their forms in order to get it properly done. Not filling it properly may result in the negation of candidacy. So, each part of the form needs to be investigated before filling. You will be required to upload certain other documents along with that your passport size picture and the soft copy of your signature and identity proof in order to be able to qualify for the examination.

You need to keep the additional copy of the saved application in case of any requirements. You will have to take the print out of the registration number with your photograph and signature.

You are required to send all the documents along with your demand draft to the address given below:

Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110003.

On receiving the receipt and verification of the completed process you will be given acknowledgement and must thus wait for your admit card unless there is any further requirement.

Download the admit card from AIMA’s website with the link provided under their domain. Without the admit card you cannot hope to proceed to the exam hall. Once that is done all you need to do is take care of the particularities.  

After this one needs to take care of the updates that the association will be posting then and now and must be seen and administered in case there is any changes.

During the exam one must make sure eve detail in the admit card has been filled and maintained because the upper half will be collected by the invigilator where the lower half will be signed by them and needs to be retained by the student.

The detailed procedure needs to be taken care of so that the examination process goes forth smoothly. The guidelines are simple, and one just need to abide by certain rules to avoid unnecessary discrepancies. With, there are certain rules that need to be kept in mind during the examination, that is the usage of any device that could cause a hindrance and goes against the laws of fair examination will have to be left behind so that there is no chaos. These include, digital watches, calculators, and any such other material.

The MAT 2018, will be following the same pattern as the years before it and will not and should not be a difficult and hefty exam to begin with. It will have similar sections and will cover topics that test mental equivalency. This shouldn’t come as a surprise and should be taken in zest and prepared with proper effort and work. This will make the examination process a lot simpler. One needs to be calm and thorough while attempting for this exam and needs to go by the rules and regulations to avoid tension at the last minute.

It is prudent to check that one has gone through all the listen documents required and had the material ready on the day of the examination, this will negate the possibilities of problems that could arise.

The day of the exam should be the day where you only said to give final touches, and this should be kept only for revision and checking for last minute details and not doing something completely new and out of the blue. The day needs to be kept for checking if everything required by the admin is fulfilled before hand so that there is no problem during and after the exam. Double check for your admit card just in case you may have missed something and take the necessary materials for an examination to go smoothly.