Make a Plan of Action; Chalk out Milestones and Stick to Achieving them!

Here are a few but very Important pointers to help you navigate through your MBA journey:

1. Plan and manage your time well. It is better to sweat it out during preparation rather than bleed in the battlefield!! (Metaphorically speaking of course!!)

2. Answer this question in just 300 words “What do you seek to achieve from an MBA? What is your strongest skill that drives your post MBA Goal? “

3. Create an excel sheet and maintain a record of all your research and information you collect while looking at business schools.

4. Zero in on the few whose offerings align with your professional and personal aspirations(minimum5) . Look at class size, curriculum, specializations, industry wise breakage of placements, scholarship options, brand value and return on investment.

5. Now, start establishing personal connections. Get your profile evaluated BY the admissions committees. Connect with current students and alumni. Seek advice on your profile and how the school can help you acquire the required/enhance skills to achieve your POST MBA Goals. Connect with professors who teach subjects of your interest and/or are industry experts. Before you start, make sure you have a list of legible questions to ask.

6. Start researching on companies that hire on campus and how you fit into their organizational chart, keeping your short term and long-term goals in mind.

7. After selecting your schools and making a list in order of preference, begin your GMAT preparation. Having the list before hand will keep you motivated to stay on track and target a score higher than the mean range. Always have room to re-take the GMAT before you put in your applications. I always STRESS to take the GMAT before or around April so that there is room for improvisation until July. Perseverance is the key here.

8. Identify recommenders and speak to them beforehand to avoid last minute glitches.

9. Create accounts for your prospective schools. This way you’ll get information about roadshows, information sessions, webinars that are organized by the school.

10. Make a plan of action; chalk out milestones and stick to achieving them.

11. There are a lot of rumours floating around related to profiles and applications. What happens with one need not become a trend. Believe in your profile and information you get from schools.

12. There are many people on PaGalGuy who help out unconditionally. Connect with them.

Good Luck and God Bless!