MISB Bocconi, is comfortably situated in one of the most aristocratic locations of Mumbai, Powai. Powai offers a wide range of opportunities not only for personal needs but also for professional. The institute’s campus is on the 9th floor of the ‘Hiranandani Knowledge Park’ building which also houses other schools and institutes. While international faculty, personal attention, an international trimester, and offspring of a legendary university speak in favour, a common yet important question that every candidate has before joining this institute, is whether this limited space sufficient. And as a pursuing candidate, I wish to clear these thick clouds of doubt.

As I enter the campus through automatic glass doors, a warm reception welcomes me daily. The admissions office is situated behind the reception and a set of washrooms is quietly hidden at the back of large television screens which display regular time tables and the legacy of MISB’s parent university, SDA Bocconi. A gallery divides the classrooms and the study area, at the end of which lies a small canteen. MISB also provides lockers to its students along with a table tennis and foosball table. A printing machine is at rescue during assignments. And large windows in the canteen provide a scenic skyline of Powai’s skyscrapers.

Although, a single floor, it hasn’t made me feel incomplete; but on the contrary, I am learning a great deal from it. A classroom with tennis table is turned into a hall for a guest lecture in the next hour. A quick run on this floor can call everyone back to the class in an urgency. Students in the study area with comfortable seating arrangements come together to, do assignments, study, chit-chat, take stress, fight, clear doubts, talk about life, share problems and mingle with each other to ultimately make memories. Walking out of classrooms imply, I’ll meet not only seniors but also the management and other faculty members keeping everybody in close contact. In addition, two adjacent classrooms which can be joined to make a single hall, account for the seminar room or mini-auditorium of MISB Bocconi. Flexibility is high again as a stage for guest speakers and a sound system can all be arranged for successful completion of all events.

These adjustable classrooms tell me the great power & need of adaptability, and the secret to store a great deal of strength in a relatively small area. And, the lesson of being efficient in lesser available resources.

Then, there will be days which are longer than anticipated and a student must work extra hours, to finish that assignment which is due in the morning. Times like these, will require some unusual tactics which can only be explored when the situation arises. So, that’s all folks! In short, is the campus limited? Yes. Is it restrictive? No.

This Article is written by PGPB5 student Paritosh Agarwal

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