The day begins with an unfriendly noise of the alarm at 06:30 a.m. followed by some mental debate if there’s more time to sleep or not. There isn’t, so the debate sees a clear winner always. Some yoga to keep the mind, body and soul together consumes another 15 min. And then the song from Taare Zameen Par buzzes through every RBC of your body, Jame Raho. Rushing against time, getting ready, and trying to convince your mother that you’ve had enough food, gives you the entry ticket to the outside world of reality,every day.

Every day at MISB Bocconi begins with a heart-warming ‘good morning’ from the security and the management. You provide your attendance of the day at the entrance with bio-metrics, and head to a day which you hope is going to get over early. The approaching footsteps of the professor brings in all the students to the class. After regular greetings, the class begins. Voice of the professor, sketch pens on the white board, pens scribbling on paper, keyboard clicks (if needed), and soft murmurs (at times) is what classes are like. The learning is intense. There are moments, when you will feel this is going to be a herculean task, or what is going on, or why am I even here, or I’m not liking this, or hey! This I understood. And it’s all about converting every such moment to this feeling of enlightenment. The satisfaction it holds, is something one should only experience.

A little break in between lectures, for snacks and lunch makes the corridors of MISB Bocconi lively. ‘aaj khaane mein kya hai?’casual talks, discussions about the last class, upcoming assignments/deadlines, and stories from friends are a regular. There’s this thing that keeps the environment comfortable. We, be students inside the classroom but outside these doors, a warmth holds and binds us together and aren’t we so glad about it? Yes, we are.

The little time that leaves us breathing after lectures goes in either attending guest lectures or preparing for assignments or thinking about how much traffic will you face if you leave at the current time. Guest lectures are another important crux at MISB Bocconi. The guests that visit us are motivating, inspiring, stimulating and drivers of change. They are the leaders who share a part of their lives with youngsters like us. At times, it may seem irrelevant but their experience shall hit us some day and this is when we know we are growing.

Post this, the day ends and we bid goodbyes until the next day (even if it is a Sunday, at times). For Mumbaikars, the traffic awaits us, but the feeling of sleeping on your bed, is comforting and recharging.

To end, isn’t it always about the strength you possess? Growing, and learning and sharing that experience. This is what life at MISB Bocconi is. We, fight, struggle, receive from reality, make memories, learn, share and grow. It’s tough here, yes, but it will be worth it and this keeps us going.

This Article is written by PGPB5 student Paritosh Agarwal

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