Life at the Institute of Management Development and Research, IMDR  

Located in the heart of the Pune city, IMDR exhibits the glory of ancient times as well as the modern thinkers. The activities of the campus are student-driven. One can choose to be a part of various committees, i.e. Cultural, Sports, Entrepreneurship cell, Publication, Research, Institution Industry Interface Committee etc. Being a student-driven campus helps the students to gain more clarity in the actual working process behind organizing various events. 

Guest lectures are conducted frequently, which gives students an insight into how the industry is working and progressing. Students get their doubts cleared, which in turn adds to their knowledge. Various Corporate Social Responsibilities activities are carried out to make students socially responsible towards the society, i.e. First Responder Sensitization Program. 

Students are mentored by experienced faculty. This helps the student to understand his skills and how he can improve it. Mentoring is undoubtedly a peculiarity of IMDR. 

Students are often participating in various games after lecture hours. Table tennis and carom are the most popular games among them. Established in the year 1974, IMDR has a rich collection of books for all the book-lovers. 

The institution is truly colorful during its college festival as the students display their organizing and creative ability by not only participating in the various events but also by conducting them. 

The day starts with lectures, but as it progresses, students get involved in their topic of interests. The Sports committee conducts various activities across the year-round. The E-cell helps students to exercise their entrepreneurship skills. Students of different batches interact due to various events that create a healthy atmosphere of learning outside the classroom. The cultural diversity of the campus is displayed through various events such as Traditional Day, Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat. 

The institution grooms the student to be industry-ready not only by concepts but also by giving them practical experiences. Students learn, contribute, pursue their hobby and have two of the best years of their life by managing their time effectively. The institution is a self-driven campus; the students are made ready for the corporate world. 

Hence, the students proudly say “We Are IMDR.” 


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