Kshitij at IMDR is the most significant cultural event of the year which integrates a wide range of various ethnic and religious groupings that exists on the campus. Cultural diversity is what distinguishes Kshitij from other B-school events. It is what accentuates the prominence of the event.

Kshitij always has riveting events in store. It is enchanting. What makes it so captivating is it elicits the willingness of a great many zealous students to participate in it. Kshitij, 2020 was no different. Students left no stones unturned to maintain this legacy. The diligence & industry of the Cultural Committee members is commendable.
This year the events were Solo Talent, Business Activities, Mad Adz, Cultural Competition & multitudes of sports. One attribute peculiar to Kshitij is that some activities of it are edifying as well as entertaining. Business Activities had Business Quiz and Mock Stock.

In terms of atmosphere, Business Quiz was antithetical to Mock Stock. In the case of Business Quiz, everyone was serene and tranquil, whereas in Mock Stock participants inexplicably became competitive, and their competitiveness brought about unmitigated chaos.

The most fun part of Kshitij was Solo Talent & Cultural Competition. These two facets of the event offered participants a platform to manifest & display their skillfulness at various activities, such as singing, dancing, elocution etc.

Mad Adz coloured us intrigued. In Mad, Adz judges gave unsellable products, and the participants were to use humour and witticisms to appeal to customers and evoke their genuine interest in the product. Mad Adz bore testimony to the creativity & ingenuity of the participants. It was delightful.

As sports competition was intra-college, the rivalry between juniors and seniors was tangible. Some of the sports that were played by them were volleyball, throw ball, cricket, football, basketball, table tennis. Although the winners were seniors, juniors proved themselves to be formidable adversaries.

On the last day of Kshitij, Fashion Show was there, and the judges of the show were Dr.Parikshit Sir and RJ Kedar Joshi. It was a competition between juniors and seniors and the former beat the latter with their alluring apparels and a well-orchestrated formation. RJ Kedar Joshi felicitated the winners of all the competitions.

What made this year’s Kshitij even more entertaining was the sterling anchoring.



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