Leadership lessons from our Cricket Superstars

Today’s world is led by leaders and the wide variety in their style. It is not only each great leader’s job to lead well but also to do so in his own unique style.

Why jump far and wide for what we have at our arm’s distance? At the stretch of our finger is the internet, but in every Indian’s mind, with or without his will is the game our country most supports – cricket!

Our beloved Men in Blue have donned on their pristine white at the moment with a young, new leader Virat Kohli backed by the veteran player Anil Kumble who is still new to the position of a coach. Be it the explosive player who is new to captaincy or the new coach, or even the man Dhoni who has set standards quite high, the analysis of their leadership styles is all we need to really see what style it is that a Product Manager can practice at different times.

To be the Dhoni under Pressure – Pressure and deadlines are part of every job ever, but in the position of Product Manager, one has to practice calm just like our Captain Cool. Amidst all that chaos, it helps to run your mind for the solution that has worked best before and maybe improvise based on your own experiences. It is never a good time to lose this calm, let alone when you’re up against the deadline. To master the ability to manage chaos with a calm mind is the key to emerge a winner.

Like Kohli, never conceal your zeal – At the end of every project pitch is that question as to why an investor has to pick your idea. When all is done, the only thing that can be unique other than your idea in itself is the zeal you can work with. Involving them in your passion and making them see from your perspective is a skill that is rare but never impossible. This is what the Indian captain Virat Kohli does regularly and it is what moves and wins millions of viewers. Proving to them that you are ready to go that extra mile is what will make them reach out for you.

As persevering as Kumble – There is a lot more that goes into play than just the array of products that you launch. The work of a Product Manager does not begin with this launch or end when it sells. It reaches out to much more and the success and loss of the product is all a part of it. The attitude of Anil Kumble speaks volumes about the kind of determination one can have through easy and rough times. Whether you can manage the different phases of the product, the market and your people is what will define you.

In the end, as obvious as the differences in leadership styles are, they do have the one thing in common – the will to keep going.