ITM iconnect “Under Promised & Over Delivered”

I had a brief idea of what to expect at ITM Business School, Navi Mumbai when I made my decision to enroll here rather than many other institutes closer to home. An esteemed Business School, ITM Navi Mumbai has given me an opportunity to learn from highly qualified and dynamic individuals imparting knowledge to and developing the skills of decidedly motivated and enthusiastic students from diversified cultures and backgrounds. I couldn’t have asked for more, the teachers are very helpful, yet provides a ground for students to learn and fall at the same time. They made me feel right at home. I have learnt a lot from ITM in such a short span of time. If you seek exposure and want to become competitive for the corporate world ITM Kharghar is the place for you.

In synchronization with the reputation of a strong brand and a crafted ‘value based education model’, the course structure is well planned and paced in accordance with classical and innovative teaching strategies preparing students for real time situation handling. Students are encouraged to be self-motivated and given opportunities to interact with field specialists to develop business skills such as networking, team building, strategy and an outlined thought approach.

“What better way to understand the corporate world than by using real life case studies which is one of the illustrious method adopted by the faculties at ITM to portray a better understanding since everyone has different level of understanding, faculties use a universal approach that suits all situations which helps students like me to be interested in a topic and not just learn it as well as implement it in real life”.

“Beyond the transfer of knowledge, ITM will always remind me as to from where I got my confidence and the zeal to succeed in life”. I feel more confident and assured after this challenging but evolutional stint at ITM Business School, Navi Mumbai.

Rishabh Raj Singh
Batch- 2016 – 18
Campus – ITM Business School, Navi Mumbai