KJ Somaiya Institute Placement Summary 2019-20

The education sector has witnessed great momentum in the past decade. Prominent institutions have emerged to provide a platform for personal and academic growth essential for facing the future challenges of the real world.

These institutions have proved that through the core principles of learning, knowledge and discipline, an aspirant can polish his skill set and can achieve great heights. The educational centres of today pay key attention to strengthening the curriculum and providing insightful pathways for practical exposure.

This is often offered through rigorous training and internship opportunities. Since higher education is usually considered as an expensive investment, therefore it is vital to obtain the desired profitable results. Placements offered by the institutions are an efficient pathway for forfeiting and achieving favourable outcomes from the investment made.

The KJ Somaiya Institution of Management is a notable institution well-known for providing exceptional courses in the management sector.

This higher educational institution was founded in the year 1981 and had been offering extraordinary learning experience to future leaders. The academic achievements of students have proved that excellent academic support and guidance can help students transform themselves as per the needs of the real corporate world.

The KJ Somaiya Institute placement session for the 2019-20 session has reflected eminent positive notes to the graduating students. Prospective students can attain a chance to be placed under their specialised sectors.

These corporate sectors were mainly the IT department, Manufacturing sectors, consulting agencies, financial services, banking, and insurance, among others.

The recruitment and placement sessions would allow eminent students to land in the industries amidst crucial times when several employees have faced hurdles and issues like salary cuts, sudden removal, late payments and much more.

The global health pandemic has brought several challenging issues to the companies. However, the students from KJ Somaiya industries will not be stopped from making their dreams come true.

The institute is based in Mumbai and will be allowing several companies to test the abilities of the students and hire them accordingly. The placement for the current year is progressive even during the challenging times when campus recruitment is subdued.

The data revealed by the institution reflects that around a total of 97 per cent of the graduating student population has finalised their job placements.

Moreover, due to the sudden closure of educational centres and institutions during the nationwide lockdown, the situation has not stopped students from submitting their assignments planned for the summer internship programmes.

Due to the nationwide lockdown, the students faced difficulties in working on internship projects. However, the institution worked on strategies to make the most out of a difficult period and provide necessary guidance to students for their internship projects. Therefore, it was made possible to submit the project documents on time.

Apart from this, the students have been offered several prominent opportunities and job proposals from industrial spheres like IT and ITES, finance, banking, consultancy, manufacturing, FMCG and several other sectors.

With numerous opportunity and possibilities, students have been provided with eminent options to make the correct choice and shape their careers accordingly.

The data revealed by the KJ Somaiya Institution reflects that a batch consisting of around 508 students were able to receive commendable salary packages. These students undoubtedly made the most out of the learning received under the guidance of capable faculties.

The highest salary package was denoted by a whopping sum of Rs. 28.50 lacs per annum. Moreover, the combined average salary offers of the top 100 companies were denoted by Rs. 13.25 lacs per annum.

The overall average salary offered to students was estimated to be around Rs. 10.08 lacs per annum. The data portrayed that ample opportunities were offered to students amidst financially difficult times.

A total number of 165 recruiters visited the institution for the final placement drive. Moreover, 39 new recruiters were added this year to carry the final placement activities effectively.

The summer internship program witnessed eminent success rate as well. Students were offered an internship under the guidance of industry mentors which helped them provide an insightful view of the real-world works.

Prominent stipends were offered too. The summer internship programmes for a batch of 521 students proved to be knowledgeable and fruitful. The highest stipend received by students this year was for Rs. 1,45,000 per annum, whereas the average stipend was estimated to be around 25,600 per annum.

A total of 156 companies visited the institution for the summer internship programme and offered key positions to the students. A total of 40 new recruiters offered internships this year.

The recruitment, as well as the internship programme, has been commendable and progressive for the students of KJ Somaiya Institution of Management. The determination and hard work of students have paved their way for future success and glory. 

Key details of the placement season

  • For the recruitment session of the year 2019-20, over 97 percent students were finalised for eminent job positions 
  • The summer internship assignment and documents have been submitted successfully by the students. 
  • The job positions were offered in the following fields and sectors
  1. FMCG 
  2. Consultancy 
  3. Banking and insurance 
  4. IT and ITES 
  5. Finance 
  6. Manufacturing 
  • Students were offered multiple job profiles and positions; therefore, the placement sessions were a success. 

The final placement summary is mentioned below

Activities (2019-20) Results
Highest salary package  Rs. 28.50 lacs per annum
Average salary package  Rs. 10.08 lacs per annum
Average salary of the top 100 recruiters offered  Rs. 13.25 lacs per annum
Total number of recruiters who visited the campus for the final round of placement  165
New recruiters witnessed  39

The summer internship programme has also been a success. The details are listed below.

Activities (2019-20) Results
Highest stipend offered  Rs. 1,45,000/- pm
Average stipend offered  Rs. 25,600/- pm
Total number of companies offering summer internships 156
New recruiters witnessed 40

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