GD/PI | Joining Politics in the Future?

IIM Indore Experience: February 14th, New Delhi (Vivanta By Taj)

WAT was on the need to include more humanities subjects in college to make students more employable and not just focus on technical education/pure sciences (I guess my handwriting is pretty bad and I also ended up exceeding the word limit)

Interview was a rapid fire round but lasted just about 11 minutes instead of the usual 20 minutes for all students in my panel who went before me. I was able to answer almost all the GK/Current affairs/politics based questions

Profile: CAT-99.53 Percentile (168.30 score)

Tenth- 10 CGPA

12TH – 89.4%

B.Tech (ECE) (fresher)-68%

Q1.Introduce yourself

    *Apart from the usual stuff, talked about my interests in politics and international politics

    Q2. How come politics?

    Q3. You see yourself joining politics in the future?

    Q4. Name a female banker in India who has joined politics

    Q5. Name a cabinet minister in India who has studied from LSE

    (*Couldn’t answer)

    Q6. Name politicians in India who’ve studied in top universities abroad.

    (*Named around5-6)

    Q7. Why did you do so terribly in your sixth semester? (**Had got a 5 pointer in my sixth sem, had  scored between 7.5 and 8 in all of my other semesters)

    Q8. You think joining engineering was a mistake and you should have stayed in Shaheed Sukhdev College Of Business Studies? (My previous college which i left to join B. Tech, had mentioned that in my previous response)

      *Talked about how joining engineering was not a mistake, but not studying well in college definitely was one and the fact that i took full responsibility for my failures/poor marks et al

      Q9.Which is the company which has recently profited because of a policy decision by the Indian government. Named its CEO

      (**By Mistake ,I said Vijay Krishna Menon instead of Vijay Shekhar Sharma)

      Q10. Name one of its competitors

      Q11.Who is the cabinet minister who has studied from IIT Bombay? What was his previous designation?

      Q12.Who is the current CM of Goa?

      Q13.Tell us about Goa elections (**explained well about the 4 fronts-they seemed impressed about this specific answer)

      Q14.Will you be able to handle the pressure and acads of IIM? Because it requires a lot of hardwork! (**Told him about how my college marks were a big source of shame to me, that i had faced tough questions in all my job interviews and elsewhere and that i desperately needed to redeem myself and that was possible only by studying well)-**Didn’t seem that convinced

      Q15. Draw graph of 1+(tanx)^2 (**Couldn’t do)

      Q16. Give equation of hyperbola (**couldn’t answer)

      Q17. Gave me two maxima minima questions which i answered correctly

      Q18. What are data structures? (**Couldn’t answer)

      Q19. Give two types of data structures (Answered)

      Q20. Who is the secretary of state of USA (Couldn’t answer but mentioned that he is the CEO of Exxon Mobiles)

      Q21.What is the opposition to him all about? (Talked about conflict of interest due to business investments in Russia)

      Q22. Name a female banker who till recently was the head of a bank and was the first Indian woman to do ‘something’ (**was a vague question but understood they were talking about Naina Lal Kidwai)

      Q23. What is the full form of HSBC?

      Q24. Name other female bankers in India (talked about Chanda Kochchar, Shikha Sharma)

      (**They said name more-couldn’t name more, on coming out, later realised they wanted me to mention SBI Chairman **BANGS HEAD!!)

      Oh, And I suddenly recalled the name of The US Secretary Of State-Told them the answer-they said- Okay Okay, That’s all-You can Leave!

      I guess, they seemed a bit uninterested in me because of my poor college acads-my IIM Indore interview was important for me because my admission in the New IIMs also depended on it. They didn’t even ask any questions from my curriculum, probably because they thought it was of no use anyways. I guess, I won’t make it this year

      All the best to everyone else!! ?