ITM Business School PGDM – Guest Lecture Series #1

Topic: Technology in Operations Management

A guest lecture was organized on 04th August 2018 at 2:15 pm, for Operations and SCM specialization students, 2018-20 batch. The speaker for the session was Mr. ARPIT BENDLE.

Mr. Arpit Bendle is currently serving as an Assistant General Manager in TCS Logistics Services, Pune in the department of Business Development and Solutions. He has previously worked in Brose India Automotive Systems Pvt Ltd, Pune. His educational qualification is B.E. (Mech) from MIT college of Engineering, Pune, and PG Diploma in Industrial Management from National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE). Mumbai

The session started with the introduction of Mr. Arpit Bendle. Arpit Sir started his discussion with general question related to difference between operations and supply chain management. He covered the basic concepts of operations and supply chain management.

He discussed the topics as –

  • Supply chain & Operations Management.
  • New Product Development.
  • Facility Location & Layout.
  • Capacity Planning.
  • Production Planning & Control.
  • Inventory Management.
  • Quality Management.
  • Best Operations Management Practice.
  • Technologies in Operations Management.

He explained all the above topics in relation to a restaurant called mom’s kitchen.

He discussed the real time scenarios, constraints and opportunities for us. He also quoted how the automation is now taking over the humans and we as freshers are in danger with respect to jobs and opportunities. He ended his lecture by showing us three videos of different levels of automation and technology advancements. He also mentioned the opportunities that we can focus on.

Mr. Bendle used lots of examples of kitchen shelf arrangement which the students could connect easily to their homes and mothers. His interactive teaching related to the basics with the example of moms arranging goods and groceries in the kitchen shelves was hitting bull’s eye to the concepts and is lifelong encrypted in our minds. He also explained other topics with innovative examples other than typical corporate life ones. The session was very interactive, informative, and students were happy to have him as the guest speaker to start their ITM journey.

Gulapala Kumar
PGDM 2417

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