EIL Recruitment 2018 Interview Process

Engineers India Limited was founded in 1965 to provide engineering and related services for petroleum refineries and other industrial projects. The company is also engaged in construction and its headquarter is in New Delhi, India. It is one of the great engineering consultancy organizations in the world and has contributed to the economic growth.

The company invites applications of experienced professional for filling the different positions in different departments. Applicants would need to fill online application form in order to apply for various posts before the last date of application.

The Selection process at EIL consists of two rounds which are General Awareness and Technical Interview. The first round is of the written examination based on general awareness which includes questions from English and Geography. The paper will be for the two hours duration and consists of 50 questions. Applicants should carefully answer as there will be negative marking for the each wrong answer. The second round is technical interview and the questions are mainly from process control, digital electronics, microprocessors and other technologies.

The final selection of the applicant will be selected on the basis of the interview. It is important that applicants would need to carry all the necessary documents along with them at the time of interview. The necessary documents that need to carry are of age proof, salary certificate, education certificates, caste certificate and identity proof.

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It is important that the applicant prepares themselves for the interview with continuous practice. Some of the interview questions are as follows:-

  1. Applicants may asked about how their family contributed to their career.
  2. The most frequently and important question that is asked is why the applicant wants to work with EIL.
  3. How will the applicant will keep themselves motivated during the extreme pressure.
  4. Applicant may be asked to tell about their strengths and weakness.
  5. What is the applicant style of work either teamwork or competition and why they choose the particular style.
  6. Applicant might be asked about their qualities they have that will make them successful in their career.
  7. Another most frequent question how do the applicant see themselves 10 years from now.

Interview questions differ for the various different positions. While the above questions are the common interview questions, we bring you the some of the different interview questions for various position.

Questions for Management Trainee – Chemical position

  1. Applicant will be asked to explain the effect on the heat losses when the thickness of the insulation is more than its critical radius.
  2. Applicants will be asked about the Reoult’s law, Fanning Factor, dew point and working principle of the compression in a cylinder.
  3. Applicants might be asked to give an example of a first order system.

Questions for Management Trainee – Computer Science or IT position

  1. Applicants will be asked about the scheduling algorithms.
  2. Applicants might be asked about how is multitasking different from time-sharing system.
  3. Applicants will be asked about the limitations of SJF and what will they do to solve the problem.

Questions for Management Trainee Civil Position

  1. Applicants will be asked to explain the shape of the earth who thinks the earth is flat.
  2. Applicants might be asked about the latest techniques used in civil engineering in the present times.
  3. Applicants will be asked about the civil engineering project experiences they have gained in the past.

Questions for Management Trainee Mechanical Position

  1. Applicants will be asked about how does the factor of safety affect design.
  2. Applicants would be asked to explain the static failure to some one who knows nothing about the subject.
  3. Applicants might asked if there is any difference between pressure and stress.

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