IRMA Anand – Hostel, Mess, and other Campus Facilities


IRMA (Institute of Rural Management) Anand is one of the premier and autonomous institution/business schools. Its main aim is contributing to the professional management of rural organizations. It was founded at the proposal of NDDB (National Dairy Development Board) and support of the Indian government, Gujarat government and Swiss Development Co-operation. It works with the NGOs, Co-operatives, governments, international agencies, and Indian nationals.

Campus Facilities:

Student’s hostel:

The FPRM/PRM is a fully residential course. Every student is provided with a furnished hostel room with internet connectivity and a computer. There is also a common reading room which is also used for receiving guests of the students. Proper maintenance and hygiene are maintained. No sharing of the room is allowed. There is a separate boarding house/hostel for girls and boys.


IRMA mess food is one of the best in the country. The only place where the food is provided inside the campus is the mess. The mess provides with different varieties of food. Every day the food given will be different. The desserts are common among the foods given.

Lecture halls:

The lecture halls testify the institute’s commitment to offering a high-quality learning environment. Each lecture hall is fully furnished, and air-conditioned. Each lecture hall has a projector, microphones, and other state-of-the-art audio-visual material that aid learning.


The institute’s library has highly selective books of collections of about 41845 in the areas of management and related subjects. It also subscribes to the academic and research needs of the institute’s community. The e-journals are available for about 15000+ in full-text and 4 online databases.

The e-library includes databases such as commodities,, state of India and economic outlook, EPW research foundation, DELNET etc.

There are about 427 videos available in different subject disciplines. The CDs collection includes about 100 in different subject disciplines.

The library also holds the collection of case studies, reprints, working papers, annual reports of different organizations etc. in the area of management and related subjects.

Computer centre:

The internet provides online services for the successful administration of academic functions. The computer centre manages about 600-odd hosts in its range of the network. The institute gets uninterrupted internet services from BSNL and VSNL. The institute’s network is technology-intensive providing file, mail, and other print services on the campus.

There are three well-developed labs for researches, students, and participants of various programmes have been placed in the various areas of geographical systems software and business computing.


Faculty is the most important contributors in the institute. They help in the overall development and they endeavour for the accomplishment of the mission of the institute. They contribute in imparting high-quality education; support the member organization all the way through conducting and consulting management development programmes.

Students and alumni are also visible in the faculty’s contribution to the sectoral issues and overall development of rural India. Visiting fellows are also essential persons who stay in the Institute for a brief period of time contributing to the requirements of the institute. The visiting fellows contribute their full support in terms of consultancy, research, and teaching.


The institute has an auditorium of 400-seat capacity fully air-conditioned. It has an outstanding audiovisual projection system that is mainly used by the institute and participating community for holding a wide range of programmes.

Executive training and development centre:

It is the main centre of management development programme and workshops held throughout the year. It has air-conditioned lecture halls, conference rooms, guest rooms, a dining hall, and a computer lab networked with IRMA main computer centre.

Staff housing:

There is also separate residential zone for staffs and faculties working in the institute. This will provide opportunities for interaction even after the formal classes.


The doctor will be available in the dispensary between 1.30 and 2 pm every day. The institute has a 24-hour dispensary with a resident nurse also.

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