Interview with Dr. Manish Gupta: Dean, Invertis Institute of Management Studies

Ques1. With your exceptional experience in Academics and Market Research, how do you view the present Education System in the country?

Although, the Indian higher education system has made considerable progress in terms of capacity creation and enrolment especially in the last decade, there are significant gaps in terms of “global relevance and competitiveness”. Present higher education system in India is surely due for long awaited revamp. Urgent attention is required with respect to following issues:

Low employability of graduates, driven by several factors including outdated curricula, shortage of quality faculty, high student-teacher ratios, lack of institutional and industry linkages, and lack of autonomy to introduce new and innovative courses.

Low impact research output and patents filed given relatively low government and corporate spending on research, insufficient doctoral students, missing research focus and culture in most institutions, and lack of international research collaborations

Limited focus on entrepreneurship on campus as reflected in the fact that there are few institutes that offer programs in entrepreneurship and have active incubation / entrepreneurship cells

Complex regulatory requirements and hurdles, poor institutional governance standards, and lack of professional management

Ques2. What progressive changes would you suggest in Management Education in India in terms of present market scenario?

While we acknowledge that the Government has proposed and is also taking several measures to improve the system, there are some steps it could take to make the Indian higher education system (especially management education) a role model for other emerging systems. Institutions, on their part, would need to adopt a transformative and innovative approach across all levers of higher education: from curricula and pedagogy to the use of technology to partnerships, governance and funding, to become globally relevant and competitive. I would also suggest that focus must shift from traditional teaching learning process to Learning by doing model so that we are able to produce skilled, job ready & productive graduates with global mindset.

Ques3. What are the top challenges that you are working on for Invertis Institute of Management Studies this year?

The biggest challenge these days for any university is to create global workforce. We are working hard to make all our students employable with global mindset. We have made rigorous checks on intake of students to ensure the quality inputs. Our students are working on cross functional areas to broaden their horizon. We update our curriculum and teaching pedagogy frequently by taking the valuable inputs from our Industry Knowledge partners. Our students undergo live projects and internships to get the hands-on experience. We are giving our students best exposure to prepare themselves for global market challenges.

Ques4. How has Invertis progressed in its Academics and placements in past few years?

Invertis has progressed very well in its Academics and placements in past few years. Many students have joined the top notch universities of the world for further higher studies.

Our students are working in leading fortune 500 companies of the world like KPMG, SAP, Microsoft, P&G, Capgemini, Mckinsey, Deloitte, Oracle, Adobe, Ericsson, Bank of America etc on senior positions.

The success stories of our students are not just confined to corporate sector or higher studies, they are also making their presence felt in other areas like Indian administrative services, Indian Police Services, Defence Services, Sports, Theatre, Acting, Modelling etc.

Ques5. Please enlighten us with the Holistic Development that Invertis University provides to its students.

Invertis University has always believed in the holistic development of the students. University provides challenging platform to students in various domains viz-Sports, management, technical, arts, publications, culture, social cause etc through Abhiruchi-The Hobby club to showcase their versatile skills.

Abhiruchi-The Hobby Club is a fantastic endeavour of our students to nurture their talents. It is a learning platform which helps a student explores his/her personality to become an all rounder.

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