Internship Diary- Reserve Bank of India

From spending the whole semester break in the campus studying for the RBI interview, to exploring Mumbai like somebody on their vacation; from cooking dinner for myself, to having sumptuous lunches with officers at RBI; from living in a 10×10 room to working in one of the most renowned offices of India, my Internship in the so called ‘City of Dreams’ was everything I wanted it to be and more!

Getting a chance to intern at RBI was like a dream come true for me. I still remember the first day when my executive guide apologized to me for making me wait for a few minutes. That day, I had a glimpse of the culture of the Reserve Bank of India. I have met the most wonderful, successful and yet the humblest people there.

The persistent encouragement extended to me by my executive guide to keep me engaged in the project was further enhanced by the most comfortable and cheerful work environment, making my internship experience even more memorable. It was his constant support that was behind the completion of my project on a topic as vast as Agriculture. I worked on finding recommendations to curb the Regional disparity persisting in the disbursement of Agricultural Credit. Presentation of my internship report in a room full of Grade B officers was a once in a lifetime experience and an end to my two month’s amazing experience at RBI.

Any article about my internship experience would be incomplete without mentioning Mumbai. The city had made me learn so much and gave me a chance to grow more than ever. I learned how to cook, which was something my Mom had given up hopes on. I learned how to fight with the broker or for a seat in the local train whenever it was necessary. This internship had taught me not just professionalism but has also groomed me as a person.

It was so difficult to bid adieu to RBI that during the last few days of my internship, that you could have easily found me whining like a baby and asking people not to make me leave from there!


Eshita Gupta


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