Innovation- The way ahead for MBA Schools?

Marching along with the similar momentum at which time always intends to slip off the human perspective is nature’s way of telling us- Without ace Management abilities, one is going to get disoriented from the relevant track. Innovation is something, which today’s complex global business environment and fast changing business needs!

The changes in the dynamic business environment have generated a high velocity obsolescence of today’s business skills. This in turn creates an immense challenge for organizations to maintain the right mix of employee competencies and skills. Social media, for instance, is moving rapidly from an “Entertaining technology for youngsters” to a technology for both the crowdsourcing of new knowledge as well as for building powerful social network-based communities. It is so immensely powerful that it holds within itself the capacity to change even the government of a country!

Consequently this also poses a challenge for management education in terms of their teaching, research and graduate characteristics. Fortunately, Innovation has shown the way out for those who have the courage and the vision to adopt it. For any organization, the exercise of innovation is essential to stay ahead of the game and can serve as a sustainable competitive advantage over a certain period of time.

The 21st century business education, cannot therefore afford to ignore the art of ‘Innovation’ at all; but at the same time there are hardly any established management theories that can be used to teach students of management on ‘How to Innovate’.

Innovation should not only pervade all aspects of institutional activities; be it teaching, research, consulting, or student outreach, but also enrich a MBA Student in different attributes starting from personality, behavior, learning and application. Consistent endeavor to stand out of the crowd and the determination to implicate Innovation as a part of lie can create an inspiration for you and for others as well.

(The article has been contributed by CeSIBA- Center for Service Innovation and Business Agility of Fortune Institute of International Business (FIIB)- a premier B-School in South Delhi)