There’s Still a Lot To Life

I remember, yes i do… all the aspirations and all the hopes that were nourishing in a jocund mind of a all fresh lad one year back in the past. A Platform was set to Prepare for what’s known as one of the premier tests to Enter an esteemed B-school. Schedule For The Upcoming year was made. The Preparations For CAT-2013 Began.

Life was entering a positive transformation and i felt this happening Everyday(When i say so i mean it). learning and learning was on top of the target list. My CAT-2013 Took place with what people call close to a decent attempt.

And here was the Judgement day, January 14, 2014. The Makar sankranti Festival Day Of Jan-14 didn’t proved that much joyful for me. I Logged out from my PC sad and crestfallen. “IT HURT- Yes it Did , for getting a bad day after putting a lot of efforts. All The hectic days and efforts started revolving in the Mind that rendered nothing but disappointment. That was the time to Take a decision, a decision to recuperate With more enthusiasm.

One cannot even Imagine how Much my Life has changed since i took this decision to prepare for a B-school Entry. It was the preparation time phase that gave me exposure to some of the best newspapers- The Hindu and Economic Times. The way of looking at a situation changed completely, i started to take decisions with a broad mind. I Felt Confident Each and every Progressing Day of the preparation phase.

All the people who were too eager to know my results cant understand what positive transformation i have been through during the past one year. congrats To all The people who scored successfully good in CAT.I want To use this article to proclaim that This is a Life Changing Experience, It is Like hitting a F5 Button to life. i Would surely Do Good If not this time, may be Sometime later but


Because i Know

“I CAN”.