Industry interface at FLAME School of Business

Business schools and industry have an important role to play in the growth of an economy. A productive interface between the industry and business schools is an important requirement for the long term sustainable growth of an economy. This in all probability has become the biggest differentiator for business schools worldwide. And therefore, management students frequently grapple with, “Will my management education relate to the current job scenario and industry?”

We, at FLAME School of Business understand the importance of being relevant with the times and believe in imparting education with practical relevance. FLAME’s eclectic curriculum gives its students a fantastic opportunity to meet new industry professionals, share experiences and view the world from different perspectives. As such, students are given the opportunity to enhance their classroom learning.

At FLAME School of Business, students have had an opportunity to interact with industry stalwarts and entrepreneurs who have shared their perspectives on current industry trends, their life experiences and paths on entering and navigating through the professional world. Some examples include:

  • Mr. Subhash Chandra – Chairman of ZEE, Essel Group
  • Mr. Vallabh Bhanshali – Chairman of ENAM
  • Mr. V.G. Siddhartha – Founder of Cafe Coffee Day
  • Mr. K.V. Kamath – Chairman of Infosys
  • Mr. Deepak Parekh – Chairman of HDFC
  • Mr. Dilip Shanghvi – Chaiman of Sun Pharmaceuticals

Training and developmental activities at FLAME School of Business introduces students to the industry, helping them understand and tackle real world scenarios. By interacting with industry experts, students stay informed with the fast changing world outside of the campus.

FLAME also provides active platforms to its students that bridges theory with practice. FLAME Investment Lab (FIL) is one such platform. FIL organizes interactive sessions with investment gurus. Reviewing investment related classics, analyzing successful and unsuccessful company case studies, participating in investor conferences and competing in research challenges enables students to apply academic learning to the investment world. FIL also organizes an equity investment game which is research orientated practicing the art of fundamental value investing.

Students from all specialisations are part of the lab so as to bring intellectual diversity and multidisciplinary points of view to the lab. The lab has been addressed by Mr. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Mr. Ramesh Damani, Mr. Raamdeo Agrawal, Mr. Manish Chokhani, Mr. Madhusudan Kela, Mr. Sunil Singhania, Mr. Bharat Shah, Mr. Parag Parikh, Mr. Chetan Parikh and Mr. Sampath Reddy amongst others. .

FLAME School of Business also takes initiative to depute students to various seminars, conferences, summits, conventions and events such as quizzes and business plan competitions. These opportunities give students a platform to co-relate the knowledge gained in the classroom with the real world.

Thus, FLAME School of Business is committed to broaden the perspectives of our students which will help them develop not just their managerial skills but also their leadership skills. Giving them exposure to the industry is just one of the ways in which we achieve this.

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