[IMI, New Delhi] – Summer Internship Placements 2015

With the exam season closing off the term, the campus of
International Management Institute, New Delhi got drenched in the color of
Business Suits and formal shoes with prominent brands like Nestle, Hindustan
Unilever Limited and Perfetti Van Melle
gracing the campus with their august
presence. The future managers juggled Pre Placement talks, Group Discussions
and Personal Interviews striving to perform the best in all what was there on
the plate. The amphitheater became a portrait of anxiety, with students pondering
over their choices as they waited for yet another shortlist. Furthermore,
Google became their best friend as they searched most frequently asked
interview questions and researched the companies in question.

Volunteering for the first year’s summers were the seniors who put
their food and sleep on the backseat and worked relentlessly to ensure that the
batch saw a dramatic increase in the crude numbers of placements as compared to
last year. As compared to 2014, there was an increase of almost three times in
the crude numbers of students who were placed for summer internships in the
year 2015 with more than one third of the batch getting offers in the first
phase of placements for the Summer Internship Program. Furthermore, the sheer
presence of prominent organizations like Michelin, Sony Entertainment Network,
HSBC and TATA capital
stands testimony to the rise in the stature of IMI, New

Moreover, this was deemed to be the best phase of placements in the
history of the institute by the Dean, Corporate Relations who believes in
disciplining with care so as to nurture the young talent that will manifest to
become the Global leaders of tomorrow.

The past few months saw CV preparation and vetting processes coupled
with Mock Group Discussions wherein the seniors passed on their internship experiences
to the juniors to stand up to the institute’s policy of Experiential learning. Besides
that, various clubs like the ‘HR Club’ and the ‘Alumni Relations Committee’ organized events like Knowledge Communications Lab and Harbingers of Change
wherein faculty and alumni mentors guided students in a simulated GD and PI
environment respectively.

Moreover, the mess and the amphitheater became the mecca of new
ideas as students formed groups for intellectual discussions on the latest
happenings around the globe to crack the tough nut called GD.  Adding to the efforts was the faculty which
used every theory in the book to motivate students to strive for the best.  Further, guiding the students with his
inspirational thoughts was Director General of IMI, New Delhi, Padma Shri Dr
Bakul Dholakia who motivated students to stay optimistic and to not lose their
cool in the face of adversities.

However, the true highlight of the week was the positive feeling
about the quality of students in terms of not only domain knowledge but also
virtues like honesty; in comparison to other prominent B school students in the
country, which was iterated by these recruiters.

Further, working against this “grayscale” was the admissions team
which strived day in and day out and kept working to ensure the smooth churning
of the admission cogwheels in the institute. Moreover, it was this attitude
that enabled that each and every query posted on social media like PagalGuy
and Facebook was
addressed supplementing the able work ethics and management skills MBA in
general and IMI as an institute in particular had instilled in them.

IMI, New Delhi has rightly stood by its mission of making socially
sensitive managers and will continue to do so to make them capable of taking on
the reigns of the business world.