IIM Kashipur restricts companies to two summer interns each

The Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Kashipur has concluded its summer placement process for the 2012-14 batch comprising 42 students. According to the institute, 28 companies made a total of 48 internship offers to the class. The novel part of IIM Kashipur’s summer placements this year was that the institute restricted every company to only two students each, even if they sought to recruit more than two interns.

This, according to a student from the placement committee, was done to keep all the companies “happy”. This two-student per company was not a planned-strategy from the start, but eventually turned out to be one, the student added. At the end of the process, 28 students were placed two each in 14 companies and the remaining 14 students were each placed in one company as interns. While this move benefits the school’s industry relations, it does raise the question: what if more than two students wanted to work in a company where two offers had already been made, but could not/did not do so in order to put the institute’s interest ahead of that of their own careers? On being asked, IIM Kashipur’s student placement committee member declined to comment.

Companies like Central Bank of India, Times Group, Reckitt Benckiser, Binani Cement recruited interns from the campus. The profiles offered ranged from capital markets, corporate banking, market strategy to analytics.

Students were placed at various locations across the country.

Note: The placement report is based on claims made by the institute in its placement report and answers to our questions therafter. The institute has not informed us about following a known placement reporting standard or applying an external audit, so PaGaLGuY does not take responsibility for the accuracy of the claims.