The IIFT exam conducted by the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade is a very important exam for the candidates aspiring to pursue an MBA or any management course in the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade in New Delhi and in Kolkata. The selection of the candidates is done in two steps. The candidates have to answer the IIFT examination and score section wise more than the cut-off marks declared and will then need to go through a serious process of personal interview and group discussion after a written ability test.

The candidates will need all the hard work and luck on their side to be selected for the personal interviews and group discussion. As the day of the examination comes closer the candidate comes under more pressure and usually tends to answer wrong answers in the examination. Here are a few last-minute tips to help relax the candidates and help them score better in the IIFT exam.

  • Smart practice

With barely any time left, the candidate should revise what he or she had learned before and go back to the basics of everything. Many times the students are so engrossed and so consumed by solving all the difficult questions they forget about their basics and at a time get stuck at the easiest of questions. Revisiting the basics again will help the test takers gain more confidence and will help them understand all the concepts and topics in a better way.

  • Strategize

Having a game plan before the game starts has always helped the players win the game. Forming a smart and foolproof game plan before the exam day should help the candidates score better. The aspirants will be able to score a lot of marks if they are able to create a smart plan of how to answer the questions. The test takers should answer those questions first that they are completely sure about and should spend only a particular amount of time on each question. This will make sure that the candidate does not answer any question in haste and end up making any stupid mistakes.

  • Rest

A calm and fresh mind is very important before an important exam. The candidates should take enough and proper rest before they come for the exam. Studying all night or worrying will only make them lose focus and concentration during the examination which will lead to many mistakes. If the mind is not fresh, then the brain will take more time to gather information and process any question properly and in a quicker way. The candidates need to solve the questions smartly and a tired mind will not allow them to do so.

  • Time management

Just before the exam the candidate should not open the books and start revising everything. This will simply make them tenser and more nervous. The candidates should also learn time management and should know how to handle the questions and how to answer every section properly in the particular time span allotted. If the test taker is running out of time, they will end up trying to solve many questions quickly which will lead them to making a lot of miscalculations or misread questions.

  • Gather everything important

The candidate should gather all the documents required or asked to the examination hall. The admit card and the identity proof of the aspirant should be printed out and ready to take. In the nervousness and haste of giving an examination, the candidate should not forget to carry his or her admit card as that will only cause them more trouble and the candidate may not be allowed to give the IIFT exam.

The IIFT exam is a pen and paper exam so it should not be very hard to answer for the candidates as there are no complications of handling a computer. The number of rules and things to keep in mind are automatically reduced when the paper is pen and paper-based. Once the IIFT exam is cleared the candidate only needs to trust themselves to give a good interview and impress the authorities of the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade. The candidates will not find the question paper very difficult if they follow through with the easy tips and tricks mentioned above.  To know more about this exam, please go through this link IIFT.

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