Every problem when dealt with step wise makes it easier and will help anybody solve the problem easily. The exam conducted by the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade in New Delhi IIFT exam is termed as a very important and difficult examination. Many people have a very hard time cracking the IIFT examination. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you solve the IIFT question paper section wise.

The IIFT paper has six sections that test the candidates Quantitative Ability, Data Interpretation, Logical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, Verbal Ability and General Awareness. The greatest number of questions asked is from the general awareness section which is easy to tackle as it requires no calculations or thinking. One can save a lot of time in the general awareness section and can use that time for the difficult questions of quantitative ability and logical reasoning. To know more about exam pattern and syllabus, click on IIFT.


  • English comprehension


English is a very important section in all of the MBA exams. One cannot take this section lightly at all. English comprehension section has big paragraphs that one needs to read to understand and then answer questions on them. To solve this section quickly one should have a fast reading speed and one should be able to observe every detail as he or she reads it. Missing out any point or information will lead to great trouble for the test taker.

Reading books and newspapers everyday will increase the reading speed of the candidate and thus will help in the English comprehension section.

  • Read newspapers to increase reading speed.
  • Read more books to have a better vocabulary
  • Solve puzzles
  • Solve mock tests to get the basic idea of the English comprehension section.


  • Logical reasoning and data interpretation


The logical reasoning and the data interpretation sections are moderately tough in the IIFT exam compared to every other management examination. The only tip to crack this section is to practice everything possible.

  • Practice mock tests
  • Get a basic idea of the kind of questions asked to get comfortable with the topic
  • Solve many questions of the same type so that the candidate can save time by reading just the data given and the basics of the questions.


  • Quantitaevery day


This section is very easy to score in and it will not be hard to tackle this section in time if one is quick while doing mental calculations. The use of the virtual calculator is not advised as it simply consumes more time. The candidates should first deal with the questions they know and then take time to think about the questions they are unsure about how to solve them. While preparation the candidate should practice questions on the things and topics, he or she is well aware of and should keep the weak areas for later.

  • While preparation, handle the strong topics and known areas first so that you can ensure full marks in those questions.
  • Tackle the weaker sections and topics later if the candidate has enough time before the exam day.
  • While appearing for the paper, solve the questions you are completely sure about first and leave the rest for later.
  • Mark the questions you think you can answer after giving it some time and solve them in the end.
  • Do not answer the questions you are completely unsure about. Remember the number of questions answered is not as important as the marks attained by the candidate.


  • General awareness


This section is termed to be the most difficult of all the sections as this section has a particular amount of importance and confidence that is required to answer the questions properly. The IIFT GK is more difficult than the GK section in CMAT, MAT and some other management examinations. One can either score very high in this section or very low. There are no calculations required in this section so saving time is easy and important. The candidate will need to read yearbooks and newspapers daily to learn the information required to answer the general knowledge section in the IIFT examination.

  • Buy and read yearbooks as old as 2014 at least.
  • Read newspapers every day to be able to answer the current affair general knowledge questions.
  • Save time by answering only those questions that you are completely sure about.
  • If you can eliminate two options out of the four options given to you, then it is advised to answer that question as well.

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