Ignisense 2014!

Ignisense is the annual management and cultural fest of Symbiosis Institute of International Business. It has a plethora of management competitions involving all aspects like marketing, finance, HR and operations. We also had various sporting events,quizzes and a Model United Nations. The culturals include band performances,a dance competition and a fashion show. This year around 2400 students participated in the event.

Pre-Ignisense, we had the organising teams putting up the flexes through sleepless nights and our extremely-talented creative scribblers doing brilliant graffiti on the campus wall. They drew the Beatles this year, which by all means was one of the best pieces of graffiti witnessed by all of us.

On the 5th of Jan,we Padmashree Milind Kamble from DICCI who declared the fest open. Food stalls were in plenty and everyone had a gala time. The evening was lined up with Headrush, the bundle of cultural events. The stage was set and the crowd was cheering. We had a few bands who enthralled the audience with their head-banging numbers.

This was followed by the fashion show which showcased some very beautiful and creative dresses based on the theme-One upon a Time. After this we had the dance competition which had everyone gaping with amazement at the troupes. The winning troupe, did a medley on India, dressed up as the brave soldiers of our country.Their performance was mesmerizing and brought tears to one and all as they walked away with the winners’ trophy. The crowd loved it all and the turnout was huge.

6th January, the second day, the day everyone was waiting for. The day of the celebrity performances.

We had Abhay Deol and Preeti Desai visiting our campus to promote their upcoming movie One by Two.They were welcomed by the Director with whom they had a brief conversation.Then they were brought to the auditorium to huge cheers and shouts of ‘Abhay Abhay!’.Abhay interacted with the students in the packed college auditorium.

This was followed by some great music by DJ Nawed Khan of Submerge and Vh1 Supersonics fame. He belted out some amazing tracks and got the audience to their feet. The crowd danced their hearts out.

Overall a great evening which will be remembered by one and all.

As the days came to an end, we all were left wanting for more. After a successful IGNISENSE’14, all are now waiting and gearing up for IGNISENSE’15, which will be bigger and better.


Contribution by Sushmit Mukerji, MBA IB(2013-15) Member, Public Relations Team.