The Average Indian Unreserved Male Engineer

First, let me introduce myself how premier institutions of India such as IIM’s identify. I am an average unreserved male engineer. And yes my CAT’13 was a fiasco. All the tags only lessen my chances of getting into these premier institutes of India. No female diversity points. No graduation diversity points. No reservation. And above all these I am an average guy to score too high. I was deeply considering blaming something or the other and contemplating whom to blame for this mediocre score of mine. Is it the Reservation policy of India or my schooling or my thought process or any other super power for that matter? Upon introspection, I realized each and every factor played its part and that super power called ‘luck’ is no exception.

This fiasco reminds me of an incident happened in my 12th standard. Let me narrate. Reservation policy of India, – if at all, would come into picture only after you attempt the competitive exam. But it had affected me and few of my friends well 7 months before IIT-JEE (2007). Our principal announced that there would be a shuffling test and students will be allotted sections based on the rank secured in the test. The best lecturers (IIT) of the college would only manage two sections per day. And they obviously preferred Section 1 & 2. All the remaining sections (3, 4, and 5) were taught just EAMCET or Board exams despite the fact that the students enrolled themselves in the IIT program. After the ranking I was allotted Section 2. All the students who were eligible under reservation policy were allotted Section 3. Our principal had asked the lecturers to manage Section 1 & 3. We felt rejected. Few of us went to ask the principal of his biased decision. He was persistently backing himself and also confirmed that he would continue with the same. When we resisted he questioned us – “Do you have reservation certificates? Get the certificates and then will see. Else get lost.” He even threatened to beat us. We were born that way. How could one change his caste anyway? I missed the IIT-JEE with a slight margin and never thought of studying for an another year as the decision of OBC-NC reservation was in the background then. And that was a disturbing 27.5% and was implemented next year.

Forward to 2013, after two years of dedicated CAT preparation, I feel the premier Indian institutes are never for me. This is the truth and I have realized it very lately. I have a question to the Government of India. Why a student, who secured a seat in an IIT or a reputed government institution by availing reservation, can again avail reservation in Post graduation? And not to forget that his descendants are eligible too. Don’t you think the system is being exploited? Anyway let’s not get into politics. That’s even worse than CAT.

P.S.: Not to hurt anyone.