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  • IFMR Celebrates Lakshmi Bal Mahotsav – VIII with Enthusiasm

    “Working Together is Social Work”. This saying was proved in reality when Samarthan – The Social Services Club of IFMR along with the support of other students and faculties celebrated Lakshmi Bal Mahotsav in the Sricity Campus.

    Lakshmi Bal Mahotsav is the annual flagship event of
    Samarthan which is celebrated in the fond remembrance of Ms. Lakshmi Iyer Appu,
    a beloved student of Batch-9 of IFMR.

    Continuing the legacy started in 2008, this year also the
    event was celebrated with the same vigor and enthusiasm on January 10th,
    2016. The theme was “Wonderland” and on the particular day, IFMR was
    transformed from a B school to a Wonderland so as to create happiness in the
    hearts of our special little guests. We had 150 kids of different age groups
    from orphanages and underprivileged sections of Nellore and Sullerpetta. The
    motive was to spread smile on their faces for the whole day with fun, games and
    learning. The whole college was decorated with cartoons and balloons for which
    a lot of students volunteered and extended their help in a week long

    The day started with prayer for Lakshmi and lighting of the
    lamp by kids. The first activity consisted of track events which included race,
    sack race, 3 legged race, lemon spoon race and also musical chair. Then we had
    various games stalls like Memory games, Dart games, break the pyramid, Wheel of
    fortune which gave the kids a chance to show their talent. Next in line were
    stalls of cotton candy, popcorn, tattoo making and mehendi which kids relished
    the most. Also, there was a jumping castle in the campus which drew attention
    from kids of all age groups. Post lunch, we started with drawing competition where
    we provided necessary stationaries and coloring materials to the kids so as to
    showcase their hands on art. At last, we had singing and dancing competition
    where we saw the unmatched enthusiasm and energy level from the kids. We saw
    some wonderful performances by kids as well as IFMR students.

    The fun frolic day ended with prize, snacks, chocolates and
    gifts distribution which was a school bag full of stationary materials. We also
    saw a unique bonding which we never thought of between the kids and allotted
    student guardians who took care of kids throughout the day long event.  It was mesmerizing to see so many faces
    smiling as they bid adieu to IFMR. After all, this is what social work gives
    you – A sense of satisfaction.

    – Shreyas Sinha

    Batch – 16, Member, Samarthan Club.

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