How open minded should we be towards ASTROLOGY?

Astrology is a system that predicts the future of a person on the basis of the positions of celestial objects. Now how open minded should we be towards astrology? How much well has it predicted for us? I read my horoscope today and it said that something really good will happen to me. Would you call this a future prediction? Its extremely vague. What good will happen? From getting a call from a friend you haven’t talked in five years to winning a crore rupee lottery, there are lots of good things that can happen. In fact, everyday something good will happen to me, to everyone. Predicting something good will happen to me is like predicting tomorrow is Friday.

Look at this prediction now. My friend told me that his family astrologer has told him that it would be difficult for him to go abroad. Here, astrologer has not predicted if my friend will go abroad or not. In fact, the astrologer hasn’t given any useful information and still my friend believes in him and treats him like a deity. Astrologer has only made a vague prediction. Astrologer wont be wrong if my friend will go abroad or not. He has only said it would be difficult.

Astrologers smartly frames their conversation and make you believe that they have predicted a lot about you. They uses science of deduction, balances the probability, and makes vague predictions. They will never go wrong in their predictions but if you look closely you will realize they haven’t actually predicted anything. They have just told you what you already know.

Moreover, astrology has no scientific or logical explanation. Yes, its thousands of years old and many influential people believe in it. But should we believe in it just because its very old or many people believe in it? In fact, many people believes in it also means that many people don’t believe in it. There is surely a room for doubts. I cannot prove astrology is wrong but at the same time, no one can prove it right either. The thing is, there is so little evidence and logic that support it. In such a case, its better not to believe in it and save some time.