Why can’t CAT take past educational and work records into account, if GMAT can?

While a petition started on change.org (Click here to read the petition) by a CAT 2016 candidate, Ajay Agarwal, gained over 250 supporters overnight to alter the current process of admissions to IIMs,  some PaGaLGuY users brazenly opposed the written appeal.

The petition that was started with an aim to initiate a change in the admission procedure in IIMs, (by emphasizing the selection criteria to be based purely on CAT results), received enough criticism by PaGaLGuY users, since morning, when they were asked about their opinion on the issue.

IIM Calcutta student, Sandeep A Kalaskar is of the opinion that a collective measure considering a student’s / applicant’s past academic records, work experience etc for a top notch MBA program is justified given the needs of the industry. “CAT percentile cannot be the only criterion to decide whether candidates fit the prospective MBA candidature at premier Institutes. Even world renowned MBA Institutes like Stanford, Harvard Business School, and the like consider overall profile and not just the GMAT score,” he said.
CAT 2016 aspirant, Anurag Nandi, who got a 99.95 percentile too has a similar viewpoint. “I don’t think a single exam taken on a single day can alone determine your managerial abilities. Your educational background, relevant work experience along with your CAT scores together sum up your credentials, which can deservedly act as a deciding factor for one’s admission into IIMs. The same procedure is followed in GMAT as well,” he said.

Another PaGaLGuY user @nakulmaan94 said, “Totally disagree. Just because the petitioner doesn’t have a great academic background he wants to scrap it off. Anyone can ace CAT by giving it multiple times in multiple years but academics are constant—a testimony of your 15 years of education, which cannot be ignored.” He further added that if at all the system is changed, it won’t do justice to those who have been consistent in their academics throughout their life.

Similarly, many other students and PG users have openly criticized the petition and opposed the appeal to bring about a change in the current admission process. See images below.