The Institute of Chartered Financial Analyst of Indian (ICFAI) conducts a national level examination every year called the ICFAI Business Studies Aptitude Test (IBSAT). The candidates wanting to pursue management studies and obtain an MBA or a PGDM degree appear for the IBSAT exam. The aspirants have an option of choosing colleges or being admitted into colleges that are the constituents of the IBSAT exam. In total there are nine colleges that accept the IBSAT results and if the candidate is worthy, they admit the candidate in their reputed b school as a student for the completion of the degree.

The candidates have to go through two stages of selection.

  1. IBSAT exam
  2. Group Discussion and Personal Interview.

The candidates who are able to clear the cut off required for the listed reputed colleges are called for the group discussion and personal interview rounds. The candidates who are able to impress the interviewers with the performance in all the stages will be finally accepted into one of the nine colleges. The past performance of the candidate is also very essential. The interviewers will give some importance to the marks scored by the candidate in tenth grade and twelfth grade and the performance of the candidate in the graduate school.

Scoring very high marks in the graduation level is not given a lot of attention to. The candidate’s growth in the years of graduation is also taken into consideration. If there are to candidates, they need to choose from with everything common, but one has an increasing CGPA in the graduation college while one has a constant high CGPA, the one with the significant growth will be taken into consideration and will be given the higher ground. The candidates need to show that they work hard and that they will show great responsibility and discipline when asked to during the post-graduation years.

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The IBSAT exam is not a very difficult examination. If the candidates work hard and practice diligently, they will be able to clear the examination round.   

  • In the group discussion, the students will be separated into groups and will be asked to sit around a table. They will be given a topic that all of them together need to discuss in depth. The candidates will have to put forth their views and will have to listen to the others as well. This round test the candidate to show leadership qualities and to see if the aspirant can work well with a team or not. The candidates will have to take their own pause and will have to give the others a chance to speak as well. It will all result to a few marks that the observing authorities will award to each student after the discussion has ended.
  • For the personal interview round, the candidate should have an impressive resume. The past performances of the candidate will be taken into consideration when the interviewers ask the candidate a few questions. The candidate will have to answer a few questions about themselves and a few questions on technicalities. This round test the candidate’s communication skills. This round is meant to be stressful so that the interviewers can check how the candidate handles a situation where they need to be calm and responsible.

The authorities will be testing the personality and qualities of the candidates on almost every move. The candidates who will get selected for the group discussion and personal interview will need to be present at the informed place on time. The list of aspirants selected for the group discussion and personal interview round will be disclosed after a few days of the result being declared.

The result of the IBSAT examination will be disclosed in the first week of January in 2019. The cut off of every college will be declared after the results have been provided to the candidates. The candidates who are not able to clear the informed cut-offs will not be called for the group discussion and personal interview rounds. The list of selected aspirants will be disclosed after a few days of the group discussion and personal interview rounds have ended. The candidates selected after the last round will be given admission in the b schools, they desire to be a part of from among the nine constituent schools of IBSAT.

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