The IBSAT exam is conducted by the ICFAI and is one of the most important exams for the students wanting to pursue management. The IBSAT exam is an exam for the post-graduation management courses like the MBA and PGDM. The candidates who are selected through the IBSAT selection rounds will get an admission in one of the nine b schools that are the main constituents of the IBSAT examination. The candidates will have to work very hard all through their way to the IBSAT exam as even the past performances in academics and extra-curricular activities play an important role in the selection of the candidate.

The nine colleges that take the IBSAT score as their entry scores are mentioned below. All the mentioned colleges are very well reputed and lakhs of students all over India work hard and fight to get admission in any one of these business schools.

  1. IBS Hyderabad
  2. IBS Ahmedabad
  3. IBS Bengaluru
  4. IBS Dehradun
  5. IBS Gurgaon
  6. IBS Jaipur
  7. IBS Kolkata
  8. IBS Mumbai
  9. IBS Pune

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The mentioned colleges provide MBA and PGDM courses only. Some of these colleges provide MBA courses while the other provides PGDM courses. The courses provided by these colleges require a lot of hard work and dedication from the part of the students. Clearing the cut off and going through the group discussion and personal interview rounds is not enough for the candidates. After admission in these reputed b schools, the candidates will have to work harder than ever and will have to embrace every opportunity that is provided to them. Losing any time in the course of post-graduation management will be a very heavy price to pay for the candidates. The authorities will expect a particular amount of hard work and discipline from their students after the selection process is over.

All these mentioned b schools give a different kind of importance to the selection process procedures. Some give more importance to personal interviews than the past performances while the others may give more importance to the past performances than the personal interview. The basic or rough weightage system of all the selection procedures is given below.

  1. Past performance of the candidate is given 40 percent importance
  2. The performance of the candidate in the group discussion is given 30 percent importance
  3. The performance of the candidate in the personal interview is given 30 percent weightage.

The given weightage differs for every b school and this is only a rough layout of the importance given to every procedure by every b school. If the candidates are able to clear the IBSAT cut off declared by all the business schools the candidate will have to face the group discussion and the personal interviews. The candidates who are shortlisted for the group discussion and personal interview rounds will be declared after the results of the IBSAT and the cut off for every b school has been declared.

Around 94 cities all over India conduct the IBSAT examination and over lakhs of people of a wide range of ages and experiences appear for this exam. It is a very difficult and competitive examination which is very important for the candidates who want to pursue management. This national and computer-based examination has around 140 questions that the candidates need to answer. The candidates are tested on four aspects through four sections. There are no sectional cutoffs that are taken into consideration while the selection process is carried out thus the candidate only needs to clear the overall cut off declared by the different b schools that constitute the IBSAT exam.  

The aspirants who are appearing for the IBSAT exam are advised to stay focused and calm during the exam and the other selection procedures as it is very important to the candidates’ performance. The candidates will be given two hours to answer all the questions asked and to obtain the cut off that is declared by their desired college. The cut off will be released after the results to the IBSAT exam are disclosed and the candidates will then be selected for the further rounds of the competition. The aspirants will be tested on all kinds of levels thus they should be ready.

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