In our previous article of this series, we have discussed some general tips regarding your behaviour and mannerisms during the very hour of an interview. In this

Sense of Humour:

  • Exhibiting your sense of humour during the interview helps to show that you are more than just a dedicated worker.
  • However, use your humour only if it is a natural flair. Do not try to overdo it by cracking jokes.
  • Your objective is to make the interviewers and yourself comfortable. Your ability to roll well with the
  • Humour is a pleasant side of your personality. It shows that you have the potential to handle stressful situations with patience and calm.
  • It might be possible that you might be facing an interviewer who is exhausted after interviewing several candidates.


  • Maintaining decency during the interview of, be it as regards your body language or your conversation, is important. Remember, your etiquette displays your upbringing.
  • Try to be polite while answering. Cutting off the interviewer with hasty replies is a strict no-no. Let them complete their question/ statements before starting to answer.
  • Being confident is good but do not give over-confident responses as you will come off as being arrogant.

Avoid Slangs:

  • Interviewees should remember to steer clear of slangs, profanities and any expletives.
  • Using unprofessional language shows your immaturity and lack of professional attitude.
  • Also, stick to one language while answering, whether it is Hindi or English. The Hinglish combination will not win you points from the interviewers.

Be attentive and ask questions:

  • Be very attentive during the interview as it is a mark of your sincerity.
  • If necessary, you can ask questions to clarify your doubts. If you are not able to grasp the question/statement in the first time, you can ask the interviewer to repeat his/her question/statement.
  • Clarifying your doubts immediately is best rather than misinterpreting the question and giving a wrong answer.

Eye Contact:

  • Making the right amount of eye contact exhibits your self-confidence. It also shows that you are focused and attentive.
  • Avoid looking at your own shoes or at the table as it conveys fear, anxiety and lack of confidence.
  • Maintain eye contact in a natural and friendly manner. Balance the gesture in a way that you do not end up staring at one interviewer.
  • Remember, you will be interviewed by a panel of 5-6 different people. Make sure you interact with every person by making eye contact with each of them.

Be Yourself:

  • Renowned author Oscar Wilde’s words “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken” holds true for every person. Try to be yourself in interviews. Don’t pretend to be someone you are not.
  • To impress interviewers, candidates take up a fake accent, which they cannot sustain throughout the interview. Also, such unreal stance will distract you and wane your focus.
  • Inconsistent mannerisms and accent can annoy interviewers and your honesty might be in question.

Judging the Interviewer:

  • Interview is not an interrogation. It is a formal two-way conversation aimed at knowing & judging a candidate. So, to have a proper two-way conversation, it is important for a candidate to judge the interviewer a bit.
  • The questions asked and comments passed by the interviewers reflect their personalities, ethics, background and thinking process. Hence, the style of interviewing vary with every interviewer.
  • If you can succeed in judging your interviewer and guess his areas of interests, you can direct him/her towards such areas and exhibit your knowledge in the same.

We have discussed every different aspect of your interview, right from preparation to interview etiquettes. Despite all these suggestions and ideal strategy, the most important element in the interview is ‘YOU’!

‘YOU’ can bring magic and charisma with your mystique which will make you a mighty contender. So, just be yourself and face the challenge!!!

All the Best!!!

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