iAspire 2016

iAspire, a business centric case study competition, was conducted by the Aspirant Relations Team of Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune, for enthusiastic MBA aspirants. This consisted of the best brains in the country, who got together to prove their mettle and challenge the rest. This competition is one-of-its-kind, owing to the fact that it was organised to better prepare the aspirants for their upcoming entrance exams and tests. The event kicked off on 2nd August 2016 with Inscribe. This was a précis writing competition wherein participants were given an article that had to be summarised in 100 words. This was done to test the writing skills of the aspirants. Then followed BizQuotient, a six day online business quiz. Every day, 3 questions were posted on the official Facebook, Instagram and Twitter channels of iAspire. The quiz topics included Current Affairs, Business, Famous Personalities, Logos and more. The ones who responded with the most prompt and accurate replies got an edge over other aspirants. They directly qualified for the final round, which was the Case Study Competition.

Prelims, an online Preliminary Aptitude Test was conducted by the Admissions Team of SIBM-Pune for the aspirants. The test is similar to other MBA entrance exams, which helps the aspirants get a feel of the difficulty level of questions and the testing environment. The overwhelming response from the participants prompted the team to extend the test to one more day! Top 80 scorers of the test were selected for a final Case Study Competition.

The Case Study Competition was held with the help of SIBM students, who were mentors for the selected aspirants. The mentees received one to one guidance for pursuing a career in business management.

The iAspire event was a great success owing to the huge participation and zeal displayed by the aspirants. The aspirants got a wonderful opportunity to test their skills under real-life business situations. The number of people inspired to aspire for an MBA through the promotions of iAspire were around 3000.