I love you for what you are! Part-6

At 6 O’clock, our meeting finished. I dialled her no. but it remained switched off. I also dialled her office no. but it wasn’t picked. I left for the metro station and reached her home at Uttam Nagar in an hour. But what I found: the home was locked. I enquired about her from the neighbours but they didn’t have any idea either.

I couldn’t get what was happening. Finding no other option, I went my home back. That night I couldn’t sleep properly. After every half an hour I dialled her no. and it was always switched off. Somehow the night passed.

In the morning, I informed my manager that I’d be on leave today. I reached her branch office.

“Is Meenal here?” I asked the receptionist.

“Ms. Meenal Jain?” she confirmed.


“She is in her cabin,” she finally gave me the good news.

“I want to meet her.”

“Please wait sir. I just confirm with her,” she said while dialling Meenel’s intercom.

I was waiting for her response.

“Sir, you may go in,” she said as I quickly moved towards the cabin. A serious of questions was coming in my mind that I’d ask her. I entered the cabin whose door had Meenal’s nameplate.

“Yes,” the girl sitting in the cabin said.

“Actually I want to meet Meenal Jain.”

“I am Meenal Jain.”

“No, I want to meet the other Meenal Jain,” I said.

“Sir, there is no other Meenal Jain in our bank,” she said.

How could this be the case? I had dropped Meenal many times here. Maybe she is mistaken.

I took out my mobile and showed Meenal’s pictures to her.

“Do you know her? She works in the same bank,” I asked.

“Sir, I think you have some confusion here. I’ve never seen this girl before,” she said.

“Are you sure?” I said showing her another pictures of hers.

“Yes,” she said as I had to leave her cabin.

Coming out, I showed the pictures to the receptionist. But then she said the same thing – she’d not seen her before here.


A week later

During this week, I reached her home everyday but it was always locked. I enquired the nearby people and shops about her every day by showing her picture in my mobile but didn’t get any clue. But today someone from her neighbourhood informed me that he saw Meenal at Divya-shakti Meditation & Yoga centre in Janakpuri.

Next day at sharp 5:30 am, I entered Divya-shakti and waited for her to come. She came at 6 O’clock.

“Abhi you,” she was shocked as she saw me.

“What is this Meenal?”

“Please forgive me Abhi. I have gone out of your life. Forget me,” she said.

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