I love for what you are! Part-5

I started riding the bike slowly and reached my flat in five minutes.

“I bring a towel for you,” I said as we entered the flat.

“Okay,” she said as I gave her a towel, my t-shirt and bottom wear.

She returned changing into my clothes. They were too loose for her; hence, she looked too cute in them.

After talking for a few more minutes, we went to sleep in separate rooms.

Next morning at 7 O’clock, she knocked at my door.

“Good morning!” she said as I opened the door.


“You wanna have tea or coffee?” she asked.

“I want neither. You make something for you”

“Okay. As you say,” she went into the kitchen.

Actually, I was avoiding her. Last night when I went in my room to sleep, I thought about it. I had started liking this girl. She was charming me and I was falling for her. Knowing that she belonged to a high-class family, I really had no match with her. If I got to be in touch with her, I might get too attached to her. So to be on a safer side of not hurting myself at the end, I decided to avoid her.

After a while, she returned with two cups of coffee.

“I said you I wouldn’t take anything,” I spoke.

“So who’s brought it for you? I’ll have an extra coffee,” contradicting with her words, she placed a cup by my side and started drinking from hers. I just loved the way she handled this.

I drank the coffee.

“Oh.. ..How dare you drink my coffee?” she said laughing.

Avoiding her was not too easy for me.

Three months later :

In those three months, many things were changed. I had developed a love life. Yes. Meenal and I were in a relationship. Last month I proposed her for love and she accepted it. She told me that she too started loving me. In a month, our parents were to meet to take the next step – Marriage.

“Your parents will like me, no?” she would ask this every day.

“Yes dear. They will like you,” used to be my reaction.


It was Thursday today. I had a monthly meeting in Ghaziabad. At 7 O’clock I caught a Metro to reach Ghazibad before 9 O’clock. In those two hours, I tried calling Meenal many times and her phone was switched off every time. When I entered the meeting, I put my mobile on silent mode.

In lunch, I saw my mobile hoping she would have called me back but there was none. I dialled her no. but the phone remained switch off. I felt worried as to what happened with her.

Soon our meeting resumed.

I kept thinking why she didn’t call me just at once today. Otherwise, she called me after every fifteen minutes.

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