I love you for what you are! Part-7 (Last part)

“What the hell are you saying? Tomorrow our parents are coming to fix our marriage,” I held her.

“We can’t marry Abhi. You deserve a better girl.”

“Have you gone mad Meenal?”

She started crying. I tried to console her but her tears didn’t stop.

“I bluffed with you Abhi. God will never forgive me,” she said while crying.

“I don’t understand anything Meenal. Will you tell me clearly?” I demanded.

She then told me that the first day when I gave her my card, she searched me in Facebook. She found a profile as ‘Abhishek Kumar, works at Biocon’ then she knew more about me. She also opened the link www.shrijisarees.com given on the Facebook Profile. Therefore, when she learnt that I belonged to a very rich family, she wanted to be friends with me.

And because she knew I was from a big family she lied that she was from MDI and was an Investment Banker so that she could match her status with mine. She was actually working as HR Executive in a consultancy. Now when she realized she was too wrong and didn’t deserve me; hence she walked out of my life.

“Do I have to listen anything more?” I said as she finished.

“I am sorry.”

“Now listen to me carefully,” I started telling her a few things, “Firstly you searched a wrong profile on Facebook. That Abhishek Kumar you searched is my friend and his father is a millionaire. My father earns in thousands by making wholesales of sarees. And you thought my flat was mine but it too belongs to Abhishek. I was just living in it. I belong to a middle-class family, Meenal.”

“And because I thought about your status, I hid my identity,” she said.

“Our status is still equal now even when you know the truth,” I said.

“But still I cheated you. We should not marry.”

“I agree that initially your intentions were wrong but then thinking to go away from me; you proved you are still my sweet heart.”

“I love you, Abhi,” She hugged me tightly. Her tears rolled down on my shoulder.

“I love you too for what you are.”

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